May Day Organizers Hijacking America’s Cornerstones

3 05 2006

First, the illegal immigrants try to hijack our flag, now it’s one our basic cornerstones for living in the land of the free.

The man behind the el paro’s or work stoppages and founder of the website, is Ricardo Diaz. In the About Us section of his website is this phrase: “Day Without an Immigrant is organized by El Paro, a Philadelphia organization that supports the rights of all immigrants to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Not too sure about that one. All is a loaded word. I’ll give you all the rights for legal immigration, but that is where I draw the line.

Ready to be offended? Read this from this week’s issue of World Magazine:

Tim Holloway, executive director of BattleGround PAC and another leader with SOS Borders, said his interest in border security was ignited specifically by seeing illegal immigrants march under the banner of Mexican flags.

It’s not the response protest organizer Ricardo Diaz wanted. Calls for amnesty are not part of the intended message, Mr. Diaz said. Since then, Mr. Diaz and his group, El Paro, have struggled both to create a coherent message and to inspire a group of people not used to translating private displeasure into public demonstration.

Honestly, what did you really expect?

Mr. Diaz, whose new group, A Day Without Immigrants, is lead sponsor of the May 1 demonstrations, said the protests should send a clear signal: “We’re saying no to felony categorizations, no to arresting anyone who helps immigrants. Those things are crazy in our mind.”

I’m sure it is, but have you ever heard of L-A-W-S?! We use them in civilized countries.

Diaz called the prominence of Mexican flags at the immigrant protests “a mistake.” He said it would have been disrespectful to ask illegal immigrants risking deportation by protesting publicly to lay down the flags.

Disrespectful to put them down? Did you read that correctly? Yes you did. And what about this:

THAT, is disrespetful, ESPECIALLY in the country of which you demand unwarranted rights.

But wait, there’s more!…

Ahead of the latest round of protests this month, Mr. Diaz said organizers asked protesters to bring American flags to the demonstrations. “It’s already been difficult to control the message,” he said.

You don’t have a message, and yesterday, you just struck out. Because there were Mexican flags all over the place.
Mr. Diaz and his group could care less about Americans, our laws – existing and any forthcoming, nor our cornerstone principles.

This quote is from the blog section of Diaz’s website in a post about border control:

We also find it ironic that the system wants to identify everyone and yet makes legal documentation harder than walking by or under a fence.

So finding something ironic is a free pass to break the law, take advantage of the wide border, live here illegally, and then protest because you cut the line?


All is not lost. Interesting post here from World Magazine Blog:

John Collins worked his way up from day laborer to area manager at the Oklahoma City branch of TruGreen LandCare, a division of the national conglomerate Servicemaster. But on April 27, he quit — the direct result of TruGreen’s decision last week to close down operations in its Red River region on May 1 so that its Latino workers could participate in immigration-related protests.

Read the rest of Mr. Collin’s story here.

Michelle Malkin blogs about an election in VA that rejects pro-illegal alien politicians. And so does La Shawn Barber.
Wizbang has a sheriff who doesn’t take any flak.
Jawa Report writes a letter to ‘Congresscritter.’
Hot Air has an excellent wrap up of Monday’s activities.

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