Princton Pro-Abortion Group Tasteless In Protest

3 05 2006

Another anti-life group destroyed a pro-life memorial, this time at Princton, though this time, no teacher or professor has yet to claim leadership of the vandals, unlike the recent case in Kentucky.

But she have started a revolution:

Pro-abortion vandals have destroyed yet another campus pro-life display, this time at an Ivy League university.

The student group Princeton Pro-Life had erected a display featuring 347 flags designed to symbolize the estimated number of students who might have been a part of Princeton’s class of 2010 if abortion had not been legalized. After being up just three days, the display was destroyed and signs bearing sarcastic pro-abortion messages were put up in its place.

Thomas Haine, president of Princeton Pro-life, says he finds it very ironic that pro-abortion liberals who claim to be proponents of tolerance and free speech so often display little or no tolerance for pro-life expressions. He feels the messages left by the vandals are truly indicative of liberal abortion advocates’ brand of tolerance.

“Someone had added 30 cut-up coat hangers strewn around on the ground,” Haine says, recalling the damage to the pro-life exhibit. “Our sign was trampled, and there were two other signs attached to ours: one that said, ‘Support smaller class sizes — support abortion’; and the other one that said, ‘347 coat hangers saved from mangling and mutilation.'”

The pro-abortion vandals’ tableau was “a pretty horrific and obscene display,” the Princeton Pro-Life spokesman says. “I can’t imagine anyone laughing about a coat hanger abortion or proposing that these are good things, or anything. To poke fun at such a practice, even if you are pro-choice, seems a bit heartless.”

Support smaller class sizes? Coat hangers? This is very belligerent, even if you are self-labeled pro-choice, which by the way, does not exist. There is pro-life and pro-murder. You can only have one or the other. No middle ground on women’s rights.

Likewise, there is no middle ground on defining when a conceived child becomes a child. It’s at the exact moment of conception. It’s not when it “looks like a human.” That is too objective. A woman’s rights to her life end when she conceives. She now has another life growing inside her. Scientific terms such as seed and embryo are for studying the progression of life inside the womb. These are not deadline terms for aborting a child. No pun intended.

Stop The ACLU says these pro-murder groups should adopt a new moniker: “Free speech for me, but not for thee.”




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