Moussaoui’s Mommy Blames Race For Sentence

4 05 2006

Zacarias Moussaoui’s mommy is wanting to excuse his behavior and blame his life without parole sentence on race. Cynthia McKinney would probably help him out, if she could. She probably agrees with the mother.

Updated: Chirac wants to rescue him. Why? So he can nurse from the French bosom instead? Ha!

Via Fox News:

“I don’t share the ideas and the words of my son in the court,” she said, but added that it was “because of his words, his color, his race, that he was sentenced to life.”

Immediately following Wednesday’s verdict, El Wafi said on French radio that she felt “dead” and that he was convicted of crimes he didn’t commit. She called it “the worst thing that could happen to a mother.”

I understand the last statement, any parent would, but there is a difference when your child is a terrorist and gives on-the-record statements such as, “I am al-Qaeda!” and “I plead guilty.”

Most Americans agree that this man should have been given the death penalty. I think he was hoping for it so he could become a martyr and join his other 9/11 brethren in paradise.

Jawa Report reminds us of how we used to deal with terrorists:

The purpose of the invasions was to strike a major blow for Germany by bringing the violence of war to our home ground through destruction of America’s ability to manufacture vital equipment and supplies and transport them to the battlegrounds of Europe; to strike fear into the American civilian population, and diminish the resolve of the United States to overcome our enemies.

By June 27, 1942, all eight saboteurs had been arrested without having accomplished one act of destruction. Tried before a Military Commission, they were found guilty. One was sentenced to life imprisonment, another to thirty years, and six received the death penalty, which was carried out within a few days.

We need to be capable of sending a message. If 9/11 was their message, then what is our’s? The U.N.?

Michelle Malkin is laughing. So is Ed at Captain’s Quarters.




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