Here We Are…These Are My Ideas

15 05 2006

After hearing the President’s speech and commentary by O’Reilly and others, I left with the question, “Here we are, now what?”

Read the speech’s full text here.

We can’t deport 12 million illegal immigrants nor can we allow them all to stay undocumented.

I have several friends that are former students and worked diligently to obtain legal work permits to remain in the U.S. upon graduating college. Some were not able to complete the process before their visas expired and they returned home. Others were and stayed, but in both cases the process was strenuous and obstacle-baring.

Putting the National Guard is not an easy decision, but it is probably the best way to provide immediate security. This should help curb illegal trade and drug trafficking as well as turn away most illegals.

The catch and release phenomenon, so eloquently termed by Michelle Malkin, is not appealing to U.S. citizens. We all realize we will probably repeat the process again with the same illegals years, weeks, or even days later. But we cannot imprison them – we are already busting at the seams. And we cannot put them in front of a firing squad either. Catch and release is better than “I’m through!”

Bush’s temporary worker program sounds good, but I have to wonder how efficient the “application process” will be, given how slow and strenuous it is now. Also, Bush is hoping Americans will accept the “guest worker” status that will replace “illegal alien” as non-amnesty. Maybe so. Maybe not. Given the ‘sphere’s reaction…I would say no.

However it works, Bush must do something to vastly improve the processing of these, now, “guest workers.” Because there are thousands still waiting to get into the country – still living in other parts of the world. What is unique about the guest worker program and the “back of the line” sentence they will receive, is that the illegal immigrant can stay in the country, work, use government services just as he did the day before the bill passed. Then when all the other LEGAL immigrants have been processed, his name will come up and he will then be charged to pay his fine, pass a criminal background test, and learn English.

I say, either,

1.) Bump the illegals to the FRONT of the line so we can process them faster.


2.) Create two separate departments. One for the current line of legal immigrants, and one to process this unique breed of “undocumented workers” as Ted Kennedy prefers to call his future voters.

Much less harsh.

I respect what Anchoress says on this:

I just have to ask all of you people – on every side – who have decided that immigration is one man’s burden, and that every good thing President Bush has done is to be negated because he hasn’t snapped his fingers and done what YOU think is the solution to the immigration problem…what did Clinton do about immigration, what did Bush 41 do? What did St. Reagan do? What did Carter do? What has any president, congressperson or senator done about immigration for the last 30 years, except kick the issue down the road for someone else to deal with?

It’s hard to hear, but I agree, for the most part.

Sen. Bill Frist writes this afternoon:

Over the next ten days, 20 amendments will be offered by Republicans. Many of these amendments if passed by the full Senate would strengthen the border security and interior enforcement provisions of the bill. We must secure our borders first.

One such amendment that will be introduced by Senator Jeff Sessions would meet the demand for real fencing, constructing an additional 370 miles of triple-layered fencing and 500 miles of vehicle barriers along the areas of our border with Mexico that are most often used by smugglers and illegal aliens. This fencing is to be constructed immediately and will be completed within two years of the passage of this border security legislation.

Great. Frist has gone from tough to sissy on immigration in a matter of weeks. Interesting to watch what the Senate does in the coming days.

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