Comparing The Price Of Freedom

1 06 2006

I feel the need to re-focus our attention to a little word called “Context.”

We are all aware the America’s media makes it day on taking most stories out of context, but if we don’t return to what we know, then we all tend to believe a bit of it ourselves.

Specifically, I am referring to the mainstream media’s shamefully one-dimensional and non-instructive account when reporting American deaths in the war in Iraq.

The networks and big newspapers drone on, week after week, telling us—with little or no context—that two more Americans died in a roadside bombing yesterday in Baghdad. And what they are saying is literally true, yet without context, it is an almost meaningless report.

Take a moment to comprehend the table below:

Joel Belz describes his feelings:

“It will confirm for you the report that two Americans died in Iraq yesterday, that two more died the day before yesterday, and two more on average on each and every one of the 1,200 days we’ve been in the country that used to be called Babylon. Yes, it does seem to go on and on.

And it seems sufficient at times to prompt you to cry, with increasing numbers of your countrymen, “Enough!” But before you join that chorus, will you study the rest of the table? Will you note that in terms of total lives lost, the current war remains among the least costly of all American conflicts? And will you note especially the column called “Deaths per day,” where the disparities can be described only as dramatic?

Nor do I mean to minimize the cost involved with even a single death, be it American, Iraqi peace-lover, or even an Iraqi terrorizer. War is expensive, and war is wasteful. But so, very often, are the alternatives.

It is not overly crass to think of yourself as a comparison shopper. Which means, quite simply, that every time you hear the price of something expressed in terms that seem a little high, you are right to respond by asking: “Compared to what?”

He’s right. It sickens me that we have to have discussions such as this and the left will certainly attempt to label us cheap and careless for doing so, but only one thing comes to mind in that regard: You started it by not supporting your own country. Shame on you. This is for your education of which you are in desparate need.

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