Relgious Freedom Wins Against Weak Lesbian Case

13 06 2006

I reported this absurdity in April. And now, this is certainly nice to see. And very rightfully so.

Via Liberty Counsel:

Arlington, VA – One day after Liberty Counsel filed suit in Arlington Circuit Court on behalf of Tim Bono and his company against Arlington County Human Rights Commission, the Commission dismissed the complaint filed by lesbian activist Lilli M. Vincenz, stating there was no valid claim of discrimination against Mr. Bono.

Ms. Vincenz filed a complaint with the Commission under the county’s nondiscrimination ordinance, when Bono Film and Video refused to copy Gay and Proud and Second Largest Minority for Ms. Vincenz due to its content. Mr. Bono’s company does not duplicate material that is obscene, could embarrass employees, hurt the company’s reputation or that runs counter to his company’s values. The Commission directed Mr. Bono to duplicate the objectionable videos or pay for the duplication at another facility. The Commission also defamed Mr. Bono by sending a press release to over 5,000 media outlets, stating that there was evidence Mr. Bono had engaged in discrimination. Liberty Counsel filed suit to stop the Commission from taking further action against Mr. Bono.

Liberty Counsel will proceed with the suit that challenges the Commission’s authority to recognize “sexual orientation” as a civil right. Virginia law prohibits local government from passing or enforcing nondiscrimination laws that are not authorized by the state. The state does not list “sexual orientation” as a protected civil right or class. Liberty Counsel’s suit will affect Arlington County and several other Virginia counties that have illegally passed “sexual orientation” antidiscrimination laws.

Erik Stanley, Chief Counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: “Although we are pleased the Commission dismissed the frivolous complaint against Mr. Bono, we will continue to challenge Arlington County’s attempt to recognize ‘sexual orientation’ as a civil right. Liberty Counsel’s suit will invalidate the county ordinance and other similar ordinances throughout Virginia.”

I see this as a very important case.

Should Mr. Bono lose his right to decide what takes place in his own business, I wonder where this could end. Could Christian schools lose the right to determine that only Christians may serve as teachers and staff members? Could Christian churches be compelled to hire homosexuals as Sunday school teachers even though homosexuality is proscribed in the Bible? Could religious schools that make use of federal education dollars be penalized if they do not hire homosexual staff members?

I’m sure critics will say these are ludicrous propositions, but I see them as legitimate concerns. Our nation has become so politically correct and obsessed with “diversity” and “multiculturalism” that the core values that defined America for decades have now become offensive to many. When one considers how the Ten Commandments, our nation’s motto, and the Pledge of Allegiance have come under attack, it is not farfetched to foresee America’s pulpits becoming the next target of secularist forces.




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