Jack Murtha Does Not Have "The Force"

19 06 2006

Kos founder, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, writes about how Jack Murtha did the honors to Karl Rove quoting the Democratic equivalent of Jabba The Hut during his appearance on Today’s “Meet The Press“.

He’s in New Hampshire. He’s making a political speech. He’s sitting in his air-conditioned office on his big, fat backside-saying stay the course. That’s not a plan! We’ve got to change direction. You can’t sit there in the air-conditioned office and tell troops carrying seventy pounds on their backs, inside these armored vessels-hit with IED’s every day-seeing their friends blown up-their buddies blown up-and he says stay the course? Easy to say that from Washington, DC.

Stop The ACLU has a response for Murtha:

He’s in Washington. He’s a politician who has decided to run for the House Democrat’s leader spot should the Dems win the next legislative elections. He’s sitting in the ABC studios on his big fat backside-calling Marines murderers. That’s just wrong! He’s got to change direction. You can’t sit there in the air-conditioned ABC studios and tell the troops that you support them while violating these Marine’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and in the process unleash the press into some kind of Stalinist, Pravdaesque kangaroo court nailing these men to the wall even before their court-martials have begun! That’s easy to say on TV.

As a former Army paratrooper and Somalia veteran, I would like to remind Congressman Murtha one one basic truth he may have blissfully overlooked: his star may be bronze, but silence is golden.

Nicely put.

Murtha continues to dig himself into a deeper and deeper hole. He is losing any “force” he had and his credibility with Americans is flying off the carriers with the fighter jets. What else can we expect from a blinded, liberal politician who still thinks Bush lied to the country about Iraq.

Also see: Wizbang, Blackfive, Expose The Left has a photo, Hot Air has a video of Dianna Irey, Murtha’s challenger, and Michelle Malkin has blogger reax.




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