Where’s The Beep?

19 06 2006

I need someone to help me here. Verizon, Cingular and T-Mobile. How do I get straight to the beep?

I had to post this because 1) I want to know and 2) My good friend Pete accuses me of not blogging more fun stuff. Pete, leave me a message if you want.

Why do these cellular carriers seem to act as though we do not know what our options are for leaving a message? Sprint will allow a caller to press “1” to bypass the greeting, or the Sprint lady’s instructions, at any point during the message to go straight to the beep.

But these carriers in question use on average 1 min 15 sec of precious celluar time on rings, greetings, (varies on user) and then the ever-insulting instructions on leaving a message then hanging up. Oh, I thought I was supposed to just hold the line and he would call me back. And everyone also knows to press “9” for more options, such as Urgent, in case I want to freak my brother-in-law out.

Can anyone help me get straight to the beep, or must I continue to put up with these insults in this modern day?




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