The Danger Of Homosexual Marriage

14 07 2006

Many that are in favor of homosexual marriage are typifying liberals in two ways.

  1. It’s a quick fix to a larger problem (a moral issue).
  2. Attempt to twist this good discrimination into bad (some discrimination is good).

Via The Falwell Confidential:

This week, New York’s highest court ruled 4-2 to uphold the state constitution, barring same-sex marriage. In addition, the Georgia Supreme Court reinstated a voter-supported ban on same-sex marriage this week.

These were important victories for traditional marriage proponents, but this battle continues to rage, largely because activist judges across the country have decided to thwart the will of voters in order to legislate their own “morality” from the bench.

New York’s Court of Appeals reviewed four appeals made by homosexual couples and ruled that the parties have no right to obtain marriage licenses by local officials.

However, state supreme courts in Washington and New Jersey are now considering similar same-sex marriage cases. Other states with marriage cases in lower courts will almost certainly see those cases arriving at their respective state high courts in the months to come. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has predictably become the first state to legally permit same-sex marriages. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual-rights organization, said the New York court utilized “archaic reasoning” to reach their decision.

“Every couple in a loving and committed relationship should be able to obtain the legal protections that only come with marriage,” lamented Joe Solmonese, president of HRC. “We know that the struggle for equality is never quick or easy, but history has taught us that with determination, debate and devotion — the side of progress ultimately prevails.”

But I have a question: if every couple in a “loving and committed relationship” should be afforded the right to marry, then do we not need to also allow bigamists, polygamists, Man-Boy Love Association members and all others in alternative relationships to marry? And if we do not afford them the same right, who are we to bar their inclusion into a diverse society?

Of course, this is a nonsensical argument, but no more so than the attempt by homosexuals to gain the right to marry.

I am constantly amazed at how proponents of homosexual marriage continue to argue for “their rights” and ignore the fact that, if made legal, there will be a sexual revolution that will occur in this country triggered by pedofiles, incest relationships, and other perversions of the God-ordained design of marriage of one man and one woman.

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