Bush and Blair: "As Long As It Takes"

28 07 2006

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair joined today for a press conference and appeared united in efforts to defeat terrorism.

Via FoxNews:

The two leaders also told reporters they were going to pursue a U.N. Security Council resolution to create a multinational force to aid the Lebanese government in taking control of Hezbollah guerillas and bring peace to the region. Britain and the United States hope a U.N. resolution could be in place by next week.

Bush said any resolution should provide “a framework for the cessation of hostilities on an urgent basis and mandating the multinational force.”

Blair added: “Provided that is agreed and acted on, we can indeed bring an end to this crisis. But nothing will work unless, as well as an end to the immediate crisis, we put in place the measures necessary to prevent this occurring again.”

Despite growing calls for an immediate cease-fire, Bush and Blair said they instead would move forward with plans for more long-term solutions.

“The prime minister and I have committed our governments to a plan to make every effort to achieve a lasting peace in this crisis,” Bush said.

Bush also announced in the East Room news conference that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be dispatched a second time on Saturday to the Middle East to continue diplomatic efforts to broker peace. Rice on Friday was in Indonesia meeting with Asian foreign ministers, but her return to the Middle East means the United States is continuing its push to resolve the violence.

It’s also part of a western attempt to prevent broader conflict that some fear could draw in Syria, Iran and western nations.

“The message is very, very simple to them. It is that you have a choice. Iran and Syria have a choice,” Blair said. “They can either come in and participate as proper and responsible members of the international community, or they will face the risk of increasing confrontation.”

Bush also addressed Iran by saying: “Give up your nuclear weapons and your nuclear weapon ambitions.”

During Israel’s previous encounter with Lebenon, a U.N. resolution was installed to abolish all non-Lebenese government-run militia groups. All but one were eradicated. Guess which one remained:


They are funded by Iran and Syria. But the media does not seem to be able to put two and two together. That is why Bush and Blair continue to give Syria and Iran warnings, and that is why Blair answered a typical liberal media member’s question about “how long it would take to get peace in the Middle East” with, “As long as it takes.”

You know you think small when you ask a leader, “How long will it take?” Successful people know that many times, you can set goals, work toward them, and still not make it. But you get up and keep going, AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

Why? Because it will be worth it.




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