Britain Still Not Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages

31 07 2006

Activists have argued that homosexual marriage is becoming increasingly accepted in European countries and so Americans should accept it more as well.

Well, strike Britain from that list, for now. And include America too.

Today, a British judge refused to acknowledge a wedding of two female professors that took place in Canada.

Judge Mark Potter, head of Britain’s High Court Family Division, dismissed the claim by Sue Wilkinson and Celia Kitzinger that in defining their relationship as a civil partnership – rather than a marriage – Britain had violated their human rights.

Granting their request would risk undermining the time-honored institution of marriage, he said.

“To accord a same-sex relationship the title and status of marriage would be to fly in the face of the (European) Convention (on Human Rights) as well as to fail to recognize physical reality,” Potter wrote in his ruling.

Potter said there was a “long-standing definition and acceptance” that the term marriage referred to a relationship between a man and a woman, primarily designed for producing and rearing children.

If homosexuals can’t win on human rights, that should do them in. After all, that is where the underlying premise of most of their arguments come from.

This judge also sees beyond the demanding of rights that many judges iMassachusettsts and SaFranciscoco do not. He sees the institution of marriage as the glue that allows a civil society to advance in producing and rearing children.




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