What Iranians Believe

3 08 2006

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We are on a collision course with Iran. Their president is ignoring U.N. regulations and supporting terrorists in Lebenon.

Reader’s Digest published some interesting findings from a poll posed to Iranians in America and in Iran in its August issue:

1. Which of these statements comes closest to reflecting your point of view?
– America is a model country for its values and freedoms 37%
– America is a dangerous country that seeks confrontation and control 46%
– America is no better or worse than any other country 14%
– None of the above 3%

2. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?: “The state of Israel is illegitimate and should not exist.”
– Strongly agree 52%
– Mildly agree 15%
– Neutral 21%
– Mildly disagree 5%
– Strongly disagree 4%

3. Would you like to see Iran’s society become more secular and liberal, more religious and conservative, or just stay as it is?
– More secular/liberal 31%
– More religious/conservative 36%
– Stay as it is 15%
– Not sure 18%

4. How important is it to increase rights for women?
– Most important 48%
– Somewhat important 8%
– Neutral 27%
– Somewhat unimportant 9%
– Least important 5%

5. What should be the most important long-term goal for Iran?
– Developing an arsenal of nuclear weapons for defense 27%
– Reforming the economy so it operates more efficiently 41%
– Expanding the freedoms of Iranian citizens 23%
– None/Not sure 9%

Questions 1 and 2 are linked and 3,4, and 5 are linked. But together, the questions are not related. This speaks volumes about the propaganda Iranians are being brainwashed with in schools, military, and through the country’s leadership.

If you answered ‘b’ for number 1., and then answered ‘b’ for number 5. as well, you are being brainwashed. The most efficient, wealthiest, and longest-lasting economy is America. So then, the correct answer for 1. would be ‘a’, but not if you are being brainwashed.

It’s also interesting how “religious/conservative” received the most votes in number 3., yet, to Iranians, forcing Islam on the world equates to “religious/conservative, when in fact, it is a secular/liberal action that looks to “dominate” its people. Conservative seeks to decrease government and allow free enterprise to operate.

I also cannot help but wonder what Iranians might think if a poll showed that we thought Iran was “an illegitimate state and should not exist.”




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