BBC Hitting Below the Belt

4 08 2006

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This shot is from a a BBC comedy called “Time Trumpet“. Michelle Malkin has more stills:

The show features a satirical “Terrorism Awards” show with nominees including a “lone gunman” who shoots Tony Blair in the head as he sleeps with his wife; a 9/11-style video of terrorists crashing an airliner into the Houses of Parliament; and a Tel Aviv suicide bombing.

The video is at Hot Air. Watch and listen as the audience laughs at the images.

Also notice the two “presenters” in the satirical awards show: In real life, they are BBC anchor Peter Snow and BBC Tomorrow’s World news host Philippa Forrester. They appeared in order to add “authenticity” to the episode.

Let the BBC know how you feel about their mockery of 9/11.
Send them e-mail.

Phone them: 08700 100 222
Textphone: 08700 100 212

Malkin also reminds us how sensitive the BBC was about not offending Muslims over the Mohammed Cartoons:

“When we cover any sensitive issue we have to balance our duty to report the story faithfully with our responsibility not to unnecessarily shock or offend our audience.

“It is not always an easy balance to strike, and much discussion and thought goes into decisions like these, but in making such judgements it is the interests, needs and expectations of our audience as a whole which are our guiding principle.”

Not sure which part of 9/11 the BBC thought would not be “shocking” or “offensive” about this show.

Note to BBC: Notice, you arbiters of cultural sensitivity, that we Americans will not be burning down the British embassy or calling for your beheadings or forcing your news hosts into hiding in fear for their lives.

That is the difference between us and them. But it’s all a joke to you.

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