"El" Gore Demanding Recount in Mexico

7 08 2006

Filed under: Liberals, Politics, Al Gore, Election

Mexico’s leftist, losing presidential candidate continues to demand a recount “a la Al Gore”, despite a high court’s ruling to the contrary.

Via FoxNews:

A massive, angry crowd of supporters for Mexico’s main leftist candidate chanted that they wanted to seize Mexico City’s airport Sunday, as they waited for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to give a speech that would determine the future of their protests.

Lopez Obrador has called on his followers to remain calm and maintain street blockades in the capital’s center, but many of his supporters were frustrated after Mexico’s top electoral court ruled against their demands for a full, ballot-by-ballot recount in the disputed July 2 presidential race.

The protesters were enraged Saturday when the Federal Electoral Tribunal decided that granting Lopez Obrador’s request for a full recount would violate electoral laws that prohibit ballot-by-ballot reviews unless there is evidence of irregularities or fraud.

Any resemblances?

obrador gore

Maybe Obrador has a better tan, but he seems to be heading down the same path of disgrace that Gore plowed 6 years ago and still hasn’t recovered from.




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