Mt. Soledad Cross Makes Progress

16 08 2006

Filed under: Church and State, Mt. Soledad, First Amendment

The Mt. Soledad Cross is getting a new owner. And it should protect it from vile humanists that seek to disgrace war veterans, their families, and the freedoms we all enjoy in this wonderful land.

August 14, 2006

WASHINGTON — The Senate approved without opposition Aug. 1 a bill intended to protect San Diego’s Mount Soledad cross as a memorial to military veterans.

Senators agreed by unanimous consent to grant to the federal government ownership of the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial, a 29-foot cross that stands atop an 800-foot mountain and has been a target of church-state separationists. The House of Representatives voted 349-74 for the same measure July 19.

President Bush signed it into law on 14 Aug 2006.

The legislation would sign over ownership of the property to the federal government to preserve it as a national military war memorial, which would be administered by the Department of Defense. The federal government would be required to pay an appropriate amount for the property and would be barred from extending its boundaries.

The Senate action marked another in a series of recent wins for those seeking to prevent a court from removing the cross, which was erected in 1954 as a tribute to veterans of the Korean War.

Congress passed in 2004 a bill designating the cross as a national memorial in honor of veterans and authorizing federal ownership of it if San Diego donated it. In 2005, San Diego voters approved with a 76 percent majority an initiative authorizing the city to give the memorial to the federal government. A state judge, however, ruled the measure was unconstitutional.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R.-Calif., sponsored the House bill approved by the Senate. California Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, both Democrats, urged their colleagues to approve Hunter’s measure.

Not sure what Boxer and Feinstein were thinking in not opposing this measure. Also, what about the other war memorials? In particular, the ones in Washington, DC that honor the thousands of veterans killed in action from all of our wars. Why aren’t they targeted as establishment of religion tactics?

Because there is no basis for it anywhere in a reasonable argument. Liberals are coming to realize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to push their agenda through activist judges, which has been their primary source of legislation over the past six years.

The nightmare is becoming reality for many liberals as they awaken and find that judges are returning to “interpreting” law and not “creating” law as if the Constitution were some “living, changing document” that adapts to the current times.

We are returning to original intent. I like it.




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