Fox Reporter and Cameraman Still Alive

23 08 2006

Filed under: Jihad, War on Terror, Palestine

Fox News Channel reporter Steve Centanni and freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig are alive and were seen on video this morning.

alive has more on the jihadis’ video release via AP:

In the video, Steve Centanni, 60, of the San Francisco area, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand, appeared to be in good health, seated on the floor in sweat suits against a black background. No armed men were shown.

“Our captors are treating us well,” Centanni said, adding that they had access to clean water, showers, bathrooms, food and clothing.

“So, just want to let you know I am here and alive and give my love to my family and friends and ask to do anything you can to try to help us get out of here,” he added.

Wiig called for help to get them freed.

“If you could apply any pressure on the local government here in Gaza and the West Bank, that would be much appreciated by Steve and myself,” Wiig said.

Michelle Malkin has more, including this disgusting post from TV critic Bob Laurence:

Fox has deliberately set itself apart from other news media. Starting at the top with Roger Ailes, the Fox sales pitch has been to deride other media, to declare itself the one source of the real truth, the sole source of ‘fair and accurate’ news reporting. As a result, there’s not a reservoir of kinship or good will with Fox on the part of the rest of the news media. You can’t keep insulting people and then expect friendship when you need it.

They’ve made it a policy to keep a distance between themselves and the rest of the media, far beyond the usual competitive spirit, so that’s where they are: at a distance.

Michelle says, “First, it’s “fair and balanced.” Second, what news organization doesn’t posit itself the best source of news in an aggressive media world? Third, Laurence and his ilk’s inability to set aside contempt for, or envy of, a successful competitor during a crisis is a damning indictment that speaks for itself.”

C’mon liberals stop playing games when peoples’ lives are at stake.

More from Michelle here.

It’s just too bad the world is too busy blaming Israel for the problems in the Middle East and not working more to curb terrorsim.

Reuters. Wow! Reuters, is covering the muted coverage and quotes an editor who downplays the anti-FoxNews, “asking for it” attitude:

“I certainly resent any suggestion that reporters here would turn their backs on a colleague in trouble just because they work for a particular media outlet,” wrote Dion Nissenbaum, Jerusalem bureau chief of McClatchy Newspapers, on the Poynter site.

Now, who is going to let Bob Laurence know?

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