29 08 2006

Filed under: Jihad, War on Terror, Liberal Media

Michelle Malkin is disgusted with the mainstream media’s recent downfall in credibility with photoshopped pictures and staged stories. The more this develops, it certainly causes me to do my part to communicate the message that this type of “journalism” will not be accepted.

With the exception of Brit Hume, there has been a near blackout from the mainstream media on Zombie’s investigation of the Red Cross Ambulance Incident in Cana. Last week, I wrote the Associated Press, ITV, the New York Times, MSNBC, The Age, Time magazine, Cox News, the Guardian, and the Boston Globe asking for a response to doubts raised over the incident. So far, I have received non-response auto-replies from ITV and the NY Times.

Over at Hot Air, today’s Vent provides the proper context for this growing story and the MSM’s questionable non-response to it. Islamic terrorists in the Middle East have a long, unhinged history of using ambulances as aids and props for jihad.

Michelle is asking every single reader of this blog to send this YouTube URL to the following three media outlets who reported the ambulance story uncritically and seek a response:

1. ITV News (see video here) – Contact info here. Email:
2. Time magazine – Contact info here. Email
3. The Boston Globe – Contact info here. Ombudsman email –

Also Send them this excellent column on Terrorist Theater Tricks by Caroline Glick at the Jerusalem Post while you’re at it. A snippet:

“As each day passes, the governments, formal and informal legal apparatuses, and media of free societies show themselves to be less and less capable of contending with the information operations conducted against their societies by subversive forces seeking their destruction. As each day passes it becomes clear that the responsibility of protecting our nations and societies from internal disintegration has passed to the hands of individuals, often working alone, who refuse to accept the degradation of their societies and so fight with the innovative tools of liberty to protect our way of life.”

Let’s hope the liberal media doesn’t need to depend on cheap tricks to win votes.




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