Unecessary Exposure

31 08 2006

Filed under: Liberalism, NSA, War on Terror

Let’s put the right people in office so Americans are not this exposed 🙂

Jay Stephenson has a good idea on where to start:

President Bush made it known yesterday he will continue to fight hard for his judicial nominations. The names of five judges were sent to the Senate that were previously nominated positions within the appellate courts.

Getting judges that have a originalist interpretation of the Constitution should be of major importance to Conservatives in today’s world of judicial activism. Today’s courts are making sweeping decisions that are changing our lives in ways our founder’s could never have imagined. The dangers of having judges on the bench that want to use international law in their interpretations of our consititution cuts at our very soverignty and dismantles the very power of the Consititution itself.

Captain’s Quarter’s is on the same page.

It also provides another reminder for conservatives to put aside their diffidence of late and turn out for the mid-term elections. The messaging here is not subtle, and Bush made it explicit in his appearance. He wants a safe Republican majority in the Senate in order to put his stamp on the judiciary, a traditional privilege of the Presidency until the Reagan administration and the nomination of Robert Bork. Harry Reid reacted predictably, calling the renominations “extremely divisive”, although Reid must have dreaded the thought of going through another election cycle with a recent history of obstructionism.

Folks, we can agree to disagree on certain issues, but during these midterm elections we must come together and vote for the right candidates that will not allow judges to create new law in a “living document.” The Constitution and judges must interpret law and we can vote for candidates that will do so.

Related: Michelle Malkin explores her “assassination chic” about the unhinged left and their hatred of Bush and the right.




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