Immigration Must Wait

5 09 2006

Filed under: Immigration, Midterm Election, War on Terror

The GOP is putting immigration on the back burner, according to the NYTimes:

As they prepare for a critical pre-election legislative stretch, Congressional Republican leaders have all but abandoned a broad overhaul of immigration laws and instead will concentrate on national security issues they believe play to their political strength.

With Congress reconvening Tuesday after an August break, Republicans in the House and Senate say they will focus on Pentagon and domestic security spending bills, port security legislation and measures that would authorize the administration’s terror surveillance program and create military tribunals to try terror suspects.

“We Republicans believe that we have no choice in the war against terror and the only way to do it is to continue to take them head-on whether it is in Iraq or elsewhere,” said Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the majority leader.

A final decision on what do about immigration policy awaits a meeting this week of senior Republicans. But key lawmakers and aides who set the Congressional agenda say they now believe it would be politically risky to try to advance an immigration measure that would showcase party divisions and need to be completed in the 19 days Congress is scheduled to meet before breaking for the election.

Michelle Malkin: “Well, I’m glad amnesty appears dead. But running away from the immigration chaos that remains five years after the 9/11 attacks isn’t going to make anyone happy. If Washington doesn’t understand that immigration control IS domestic national security issue number one by now, it never will.”

I fully believe that it is possible to strengthen our borders, tighten up on illegals currently in the country by enforcing laws, and fight the war on terror abroad all at the same time. Al-Qaeda is obviously not as organized, but still fully capable of pulling off attacks. Many attempts have been thwarted or exposed before they could be carried out.

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