Liberal Theology: an Oxymoron

5 09 2006

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Liberal theology was the bright idea of churchmen who thought that the way to make Christianity relevant to a changing culture is to change Christianity accordingly.

Thus, while there are many brands of liberal theology, none of them work.

Liberal theology began with the Enlightenment of the 18th century, which was “the age of reason.” Christianity, some said, needed to be revised into a religion of reason and reason alone. Out went revelation, miracles, prayer, salvation, and mind-blowing doctrines such as the Trinity and the Incarnation. Congregations and ministers who embraced this eviscerated Christianity considered themselves intellectually respectable, even if the real action was with the Wesleyan revivals and the Reformed Great Awakening.

Then, in the 20th century, one brand of liberal theology followed another. As feminism, gay rights, and environmentalism each took the stage, churchmen, always just a little bit behind, rushed to catch up, devising a new Christianity to attract the followers of the latest cultural trend.

In an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times, Charlotte Allen, documents the disintegration of the liberal mainline churches. Episcopalians have lost nearly a third of their members, dropping from 3.4 million in 1965 to only 2.3 million today. The liberal Presbyterians of the PCUSA have lost nearly half their members, from 4.3 million to 2.5 million.

And yet, Allen shows, the liberal theologians continue to dig their own graves, agitating now for gay marriage, gay clergy, feminist ideology, and left-wing politics, no matter how much such measures alienate their few remaining members in the pew.

A church that just follows the culture is not worth taking seriously. Liberal churches satisfy no spiritual needs. If there is no sin or salvation or Christ, as the liberal churches say, why should anyone go to church? Why not just sleep in on Sunday mornings?

But, they argue, we need to get some of those evangelical votes so we can get back in power and push our socialist, humanist agenda on this country.

And, we need to “look religious.” Otherwise no one will believe us.




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5 09 2008

“Christian Liberal.”
“Isn’t that an oxymoron?” they ask? Is it possible to be Christian AND liberal?”
“What are you doing this for?” “Are you being sarcastic? Cynical?”

Yes, I have to agree there is an element of satire, even cynicism, in my posts, but I AM serious about being a liberal Christian.

I guess getting right down to the core, the rant comes down to exposing the rampant hypocrisy of self-appointed Christians, who distort Christ’s teaching for the purposes of justifying their desire to murder people in cultures they don’t agree with, protect their own financial assets at the expense of the environment and the working standards of people in other countries, and to segregate and dehumanize anyone of lower class status or non-traditional lifestyles.

This can be seen even in several responses, which seem to suggest that money going into the war machine somehow actually helps Americans. The argument completely ignoring the fact that the output of such production goes to bombing houses in other countries, “peacekeeper” missiles, billion-dollar bombers, and occupying other lands half-way round the world. What a disgrace!
We could really do good for the American workers and world by putting that cash into health care, infrastructure, science, and research.

There’s a favorite hymn here in California . . . “They will know we are Christian by our love, by our love . . .” But there’s no love in a B-1 bomber, no love in a nuclear bunker-buster bomb, or remote drone that rains death down from the sky.
Oh, is that too cynical for you?

5 09 2008
Mr. Incredible

The Lib believes that it’s up to Man to solve his problems, according to his own might.

So, he cannot be a Christian cuz the Christian believes that Man cannot do it by his own might.

==There’s a favorite hymn here in California . . . “They will know we are Christian by our love, by our love . . .” ==

Define biblical “love.” Careful, cuz it’s not the same as worldly love.

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