He Should Not Have to Make This Speech

6 09 2006

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Updated 2:30 EST

President Bush laid out where we are in the War on Terror, but spent the opening moments reminding us of the attacks of 9/11 – something a President should not have to do. Then he went into great detail about what will happen if we stop fighting.

Hot Air will be covering it.

Updated with liveblogging:

Summary by Allah:

The transfers, he says, mean that there’s no one left in the CIA program — but the program will remain so that new terrorists who are captured can be interrogated. He says he’s announcing this now because they’ve finished questioning them and because the Hamdan decision impaired their ability to interrogate terrorists because of the “vague and undefined” dignitary provisions of Article 3. Indeed.

He’s asking Congress to:
1. List specifically which interrogation procedures will violate the War Crimes Act.
2. Make clear that interrogators are authorized under Article 3.
3. Prevent terrorists from using Article 3 to sue interrogators.

Wizbang is liveblogging
Michelle Malkin is too:

This is intelligence that can not be found any other place. To win the war on terror, we must be able to detain, question, and when appropriate, prosecute terrorists here in American and on battlefields around the world.

These aren’t common criminals or bystanders accidentally swept up on the battlefield…At Gitmo, suspected bomb-makers, terrorist trainers, recruiters, and facilitators, and potential suicide bombers.

So, today I’m sending Congress legislation to specifically authorize the creation of military commissions to try terrorists for war crimes.

KSM, Zubaydah, bin al Shibh, and 11 others have been transferred to Gitmo [applause].

Stop The ACLU:

What has political correctness done to us? I agree with the Hot Air analysis, but it is unbelievable that it had to come to this kind of tactic.


I can hear Dingy Harry, Ted, and Hillary saying, “But Mr. President, why haven’t we heard of these things before now?”

Because it’s not your concern to know.

Nor is it necessarily the American peoples’ concern to know. We elect officials to do a job so we can do ours to the best of our ability and that is what Bush is trying to do. Unfortunately, he has been inhibited by liberals hell-bent on finding flaws in his actions so they can impeach him. They are as jealous of his success as the terrorists we fight are envious of our success.

It’s nice to see that Bush doesn’t play politics. He is adamant about securing us and doesn’t want to allow pandering Democrats to stop him. It’s absurd to think that some American politicians are more concerned with terrorists rights than our safety. I shudder to think about how much of our country would still be standing today were Gore or Kerry in office.




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