Worldview Survey

8 09 2006

Filed under: Worldview, Humanism, Christian

Take the Worldview survey to discover what type of Christian worldview you have. Or how much humanism has influenced your beliefs (pop-up window, direct link).

Click here to take the Worldview survey

When you are done, count your Yes’s and No’s and locate yourself in the grid below:

20 Yes’s – Solid Christian worldview. Unwavering true Christian.

18 – 19 Yes’s – Not bad. A few areas need clarification or tuning up.

15 – 17 Yes’s – A little concern here. Some confusion exists on several issues that humanism has influenced beliefs on.

11 – 14 Yes’s – Major concerns here. Most of your thinking is of the humanist type and while you may be saved, you are not helping the Kingdom. If you are not a Christian, you are a moderate liberal and are probably agree that terrorists deserve rights.

7 – 10 Yes’s – You are mostly humanist with glimmers of hope. You prefer the opinion of Hollywood to bloggers (non-thinkers to thinkers) and believe Bush stole the election from Gore.

Less than 6 Yes’s – An all out humanist. A card-carrying member of the ACLU, you believe everything you hear on the news and read in the NY Times. Darwin is king and God doesn’t exist. Evolution is credible and morals are relevant.




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