Tolerance? We’ll See About That

15 09 2006

Filed under: Homosexuality, Love Won Out

The Left hates the truth that same-sex desires can be overcome by spiritual redemption. And they like to flaunt words like “tolerance” and “diversity” as if they have exclusive knowledge of the meanings.

Citizen Magazine heard some intolerant talk in April at a conference sponsored by one of the nation’s largest homosexual advocacy groups—the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The event, hosted by GLSEN’s Boston chapter, featured an entire training session devoted to combating “the effects of programs like Love Won Out.”

Love Won Out (LWO) is a conference produced by Focus on the Family. The one-day event offers hope that same-sex desires can be overcome through spiritual redemption and addressing root causes. Men and women who have responded to that message often refer to themselves as “ex-gay”—a term that angers homosexuals.

“Ex-gay messages have no place in our nation’s public schools,” said GLSEN Executive Director Kevin Jennings in 1999. More recently, Jennings has acknowledged that Christians have a right to be heard. But actions speak louder than words. Just last year, the D.C.-area GLSEN chapter called for the resignation of a school board member who dared to endorse the ex-gay perspective.

So, diversity . . . you were saying?

“I didn’t leave homosexuality because it was so bad,” said Alan Chambers, president of the ex-gay ministry Exodus International, during a LWO workshop in Baltimore earlier this year. “I left it because I found something better—the love of Christ.”

Not many of the 50 million youths in American public schools will hear about that hope “because messages like ours are being silenced,” said Mike Haley, a LWO leader and former homosexual.

How can Christians overcome censorship in the public schools? Haley suggests that they invite youths in their neighborhood to attend a Love Won Out event at a local church. When a school invites a pro-homosexual speaker or sponsors GLSEN events, Haley suggests that parents demand a balanced presentation by insisting the school include the ex-gay perspective. A federal court ruled last year that schools cannot practice “viewpoint discrimination” when teaching about homosexuality.

To find ex-gay speakers in your area, contact Exodus at

Let’s work to help make sure diversity and tolerance are actually practiced.




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