Let’s Torture ‘Em

21 09 2006

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The Associated “with terrorists” Press is reporting that the White House and “rebellious” Senate Republicans announced agreement Thursday on rules for the interrogation and trial of suspects in the war on terror.

“I’m pleased to say that this agreement preserves the single most potent tool we have in protecting America and foiling terrorist attacks,” the president said, shortly after administration officials and key lawmakers announced agreement following a week of high-profile intraparty disagreement.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of three GOP lawmakers who told Bush he couldn’t have the legislation the way he initially asked for it, said, “The agreement that we’ve entered into gives the president the tools he needs to continue to fight the war on terror and bring these evil people to justice.”

The agreement “clears the way to do what the American people expect us to do — to capture terrorists, to detain terrorists, to question terrorists and then to try them,” he said.

The accord was sealed in a 90-minute session in the office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who had earlier in the day told Warner, McCain and Graham it was time to close the deal. The four lawmakers were joined by Stephen Hadley, the president’s national security adviser, as well as other administration officials, for the final session.

Rebellious. Yeah, that’s what the average American is thinking. Let’s really be a rebel and let the terrorists have their way. We don’t need to detain them and ask them anything. They didn’t do anything. We’re not at war.

This is so important, it’s getting to the point that it’s not very funny anymore. I wish liberals would at least acknowledge the fact that there are people that want to kill us all.

Hot Air has a summary:

So there’ll be a list of “grave” procedures, one of which is water boarding, that they can’t do. Anything short of that they can do unless it’s held to violate federal constitutional standards of due process and/or cruel and unusual punishment. Which is basically an open invitation for terrorists to sue their interrogators and allege violations of those clauses. Although they were going to do that anyway, no matter what deal was struck here.

Today’s Vent has more about the AP’s open support for terrorists and obvious dissent for this administration’s efforts curb terrorist activity.

Wizbang has some opinion on the Left’s opinion: “No, we don’t want colonies. When a nation grows to be too much of a threat to us, our interests, and our allies, we ought to work with our allies to curb the danger posed by that rogue nation. But if all else fails, we had best be prepared to deal firmly, decisively, and definitively with the government that poses such a threat. It needs to be stopped, and stopped hard.”

The best way to sustain peace is to be prepared to go to war at any time. This is common sense. I don’t know why liberals fight it.

You know it must be a good deal if the ACLU condemns it.

Michelle Malkin says the AP has “Nothing.”

I’ve said this before. Loud music and cold tempuratures are NOT torture. They are discomforts designed for a purpose: get information. Cutting off fingers or whippings are torture. Let the CIA do their job so we can head off more terrorists attacks before they occur.

I know it’s hard for you liberals to believe, but we are, after all, at war.




One response

1 10 2008
Bouncy Atheist

I don’t have any moral hangups with torture if it’s neccessary to get information. In the end the geneva convetion is just a piece of paper; the enemy doesn’t honor it, so I don’t see why our interpretations of it need to be so literal. Better them than us.

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