They aren’t Seeing

27 09 2006

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Dennis Prager penned a tremendously accurate piece in Citizen’s September issue that goes hand in hand with the recent NIE news.

For all its tragedy, at least one good thing came out of 9-11. It exposed the Left’s incapacity to deal with evil.

To cite two major examples, the Left—including, from the mid-1960s, liberals—found it impossible to label the Soviet Union “evil.” That is easily documented by reading all the liberal editorials that condemned President Ronald Reagan’s characterization of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” Anyone with a functioning moral compass knew that this was an entirely accuratedescription of the Soviet Union, yet the liberal/Left excoriated Reagan for describing the obvious.

The second major example of leftist inability to label evil as such concerns domestic violent criminals. The Left inverts moral reality and condemns America’s domestic bully fighters, the police departments of the country, as the guilty party when they arrest and sometimes shoot muggers and murderers.

According to the Left, violent crime in America is caused primarily by America’s endemic racism and by poverty. The latter has been the Left’s explanation since Karl Marx: Economics determines behavior; poverty causes crime.

For one thing, from early on, many liberal and Left commentators thought that the most important question about 9-11 was not how to fight Islamic fanaticism or why a doctrine of death had come to permeate significant parts of the Muslim world, but “What has America done to cause them to hate us so much?”

Likewise there is virtually no liberal academic, commentator, clergyman or politician who will say that the problem of black crime in America is primarily due to moral values issues within parts of the black community. Rather it is American society’s fault.

The greatest weakness of the Left is this inability to recognize evil and its simultaneous hatred of those who do fight evil.

The reasons are not only psychological (fear of confrontation, fear of fighting, fear of dying, loathing of authority figures whether parental or divine, etc.). They are ideological. The Left has different values from the rest of us.

One such difference is the Left’s greater hatred of inequality than of evil. Leftists are not as troubled by evil as by social inequality. For the Left, the world revolves around economics. The Left began with Marx and others who explained the world in terms ofeconomics and loathed, more than anything else, economic inequality.

But its worst feature is that it is essentially amoral; it is oblivious to the question of good versus of evil.

The other pertinent difference that separates the Left from the rest of us is the Left’s infatuation with pacifism. While few on the Left are pure pacifists, most of them have a high regard for this belief that killing is never moral.

Finally, the Left hates talk of good and evil because it smacks of traditional Judeo-Christian religion, and the Left either loathes Judeo-Christian values or redefines them. The Left adores Western Europe because it is a welfare society (fewer rich people, less social inequality) and because it is secular. The latter means a great deal to the Left. The Left regards itself as on a much higher intellectual and moral plane than the religious.

9-11 was a catastrophe for the Left. It told most Americans exactly what the Left does not want Americans to believe: that there is major evil in the world which only America can truly fight; that America is not the Great Problem and, even worse, that the Great Problem regards America as its primary enemy, and that sometimes only moral violence can end immoral violence.

I’ve said this before and I’ll reiterate it again that the argument of “You’re with us or against us” does not equal, “Vote Republican” or “Vote Terrorist”. It does mean that the large majority of Democrats are not seeing. They have large blinders over their eyes and can only see power – even at the cost of America’s safety.

If Democrats want to run the country more effectively than Republicans, they are going to have acknowledge that we are at war and America is not evil. Republicans have long been operating under these premises, but the Left is becoming more and more unhinged as the days go by.




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