The All American Liberal Team

30 09 2006

Filed under: Liberal, Politics, Conservative

In honor of the upcoming college basketball season, I am releasing the official “Liberals All American team” and our special Honorable Mention squad, which is no easy pushover.

1st Team All American

1. Joe Biden – Forward
2. Harry Reid – Forward
3. Patrick Leahy – Center
4. Nancy Pelosi – Shooting Guard
5. Ted Kennedy – Point Guard

2nd Team All American

1. Russ Feingold – Forward
2. Michael Moore – Forward
3. John Murtha – Center
4. Dick Durbin – Shooting Guard
5. Hillary Clinton – Point Guard

Honorable Mention

1. Hugo Chavez
2. Ahmadinejad
3. Kim Jong il
4. Jimmy Carter
5. Bill Clinton




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