By Their Fruit, We’ll Recognize Them . . .

4 10 2006

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. . . The Bible says this in Matthew 7:15-17. In other words, how they are using their talents and what they are doing with their lives. In the case of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Cult (not church), it is not difficult to determine if they are Christians.

The Westboro Cult of Hate plans to protest at the memorial service for the five little Amish girls executed in their schoolhouse by a madman.

Allah at Hot Air doesn’t hold anything back, “God hates Phelps.”

While I’d REALLY like to agree, that’s simply not true. What is true is that God is very disappointed in Phelps. God still loves him and is working to get his attention. That may not happen very soon, or not at all.

But Christians cannot sit by and allow his attacks to continue. There are ways to discipline and love at the same time. We cannot hate him as much as he hates himself and others.

Just because someone does something they want to do and invoke God’s name, does not make them a Christian. It is widely known that Hitler professed to be a Christian. Some laugh, others actually believe he was . . . just because he said he was.

We must look at their lives and determine if their lives line up with what is in the Bible. If not, we don’t condemn them to hell, but we certainly don’t condone their actions and welcome them into the camp as a like-minded person or group.

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