4 10 2006

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Seems as if You Tube is rejecting videos and suspending accounts for “inappropriate nature.” Yeah, inappropriate for members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.

Some users are proposing a YT boycott. But I think the better approach is to stay and fight–and persuade DhimmiTube to rethink its policies. Will any criticism of jihad qualify as “hate” under its terms of use guidelines? Why did the banning of anti-jihad videos only start now–in the wake of YouTube’s embarrassment over jihad propaganda videos exploding on its site as reported by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin earlier this month?

Here is video appeal number 1:

Wonder how many more it will take. Maybe they’ll flag this one too.

Today’s Vent discusses this and highlights a You Tuber that has been suspended. Go see the Jihadists on You Tube.




One response

21 05 2008
Muslims Against Sharia

DhimmiTube declines request to remove terrorist-produced videos

YouTube has refused a request from US Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) to remove all videos sponsored by terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, contending that most of them don’t violate its community guidelines.

Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Monday called on the Google Inc subsidiary to remove video content produced by terrorist organizations that showed assassinations, deaths of US soldiers and civilians, weapons training, “incendiary” speeches and other material intended to “encourage violence against the West.”


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