"YouTube" or Treat!

6 10 2006

Filed under: Jihad, YouTube, Anti-War

Michelle Malkin is leading the war against YouTube:

If you’ve had an anti-jihad video pulled from YouTube, feel free to sport the badge on your site.


I haven’t yet, but I suppose by posting this video, that I will be, so I am posting the badge in advance.

Bryan Preston and I tried to upload my “inappropriate” banned video, “First, They Came,” back onto YouTube this morning. No luck. Members of the conservative YouTube group will be re-posting the video if it gets yanked again. If you want to try, just download it here (.wmv file) and upload at YT. Let us know the results.

This is all so very timely with today’s piece in the NYTimes looking at the proliferation of jihadi propaganda on YouTube – at the same time anti-jihad videos are being yanked and conservative videos flagged as “inappropriate.” While YouTube has removed a few of the terrorist videos from its site, many more remain:

In recent weeks, YouTube has removed dozens of the videos from its archives and suspended the accounts of some users who have posted them, a reaction, it said, to complaints from other users.

More than four dozen videos of combat in Iraq viewed by The New York Times have been removed in recent days, many after The Times began inquiries.

But many others remain, some labeled in Arabic, making them difficult for American users to search for. In addition, new videos, often with the same material that had been deleted elsewhere, are added daily…

…Some of the videos are obvious propaganda, with Arabic subtitles and accompanying music, while others simply have scenes without sound or graphics. They appear to be real, though the results of attacks are not always clear.

One frequently posted video shows individual photographs of several hundred American soldiers allegedly killed by a Baghdad sniper referred to as Juba. But a television news report from the German weekly Der Spiegel that also has been posted on the video sites shows an interview with one American soldier whom the insurgent group claimed to have killed but whose protective vest stopped the sniper’s bullet.

Maybe we can overwhelm them with so many versions, they’ll have to give in.

Today’s Vent recounts the story of YouTube’s jihad. Ironically, you can even watch this on YouTube. Heh.




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