How Does This Happen?

9 10 2006

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Updated – 11:15 am: new developments. Scroll down.
Updated – 4:00 pm: Dingy Harry jumps to blame Bush. Scroll down.

While we all watch North Korea accelerate its nuclear bomb testing, I would like us remember how we got here:

Stop The ACLU looks at more history:

Along with DPRK, Pakistan and Iran have jointly worked with DPRK on similar missile projects. The Iranian Shahab-5/Shahab 6 is similar in technology and in design to the Taep’o-dong 2. There is much more that meets the eye on this problem. (Source: Missile Threat.Com)

30 Years of miscalculations

For the past 30 years, as the international community idly sat wringing its hand, DPRK pursued the development of their ever expanding ballistic missile program (and apparently their not so covert) nuclear weapons program. Mismanagement and miscalculation has occurred on every American Presidents’ watch for probably the past 30 years. DPRK has devoted itself to developing weapons and delivery systems under the noses of the world community. Now DPRK is going to test their nuclear weapon? What next? Are they going to collude with their “partners” to hold the free world hostage?

Allah Pundit is on it too. And Bryan Preston:

Diplomacy isn’t going to stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. That’s the bottom line. North Korea sees nukes as its last best hope of survival, while the rest of the world (minus China and possibly Russia) see North Korean nukes as an intolerable threat. I don’t see a peaceful end to this. Either China deals with Kim, or we do. And it doesn’t look like we will.


Prediction: The Democrats will come out tomorrow morning and place the blame for NoKo’s test squarely at the feet of President Bush in an attempt to capitalize politically on this turn of events. Of course, the Dems will conveniently forget that it was Bill Clinton and Co. who bought Crazy Kim’s no nuclear weapons promise. And the nutroots will insist that President Bush forced Crazy Kim into testing the nuke because he refused to sit down with him in bilateral talks.

Exactly my thoughts. Watch and see. Iran is next. Maybe months, maybe years, but they’re next. And liberals will want to blame that on Bush too, even though they fought against everything he did to prevent it, including stopping the appointment of Bolton the U.N.

Update – 11:15 am: new developments…

Hot Air has new video.

Michelle Malkin notes that half our country is in range.

I’m with La Shawn Barber: “My annihilation by nuclear bomb doesn’t bother me nearly as much as day to day cultural decline.”

Wizbang has a roundup.

Update – 4:00 pm: “Dingy” Harry Reid weighs in to blame Bush

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