Liberals Are Like Teenagers

10 10 2006

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Politics can be helpful and nasty, somtimes at the same time. Word is, the Border Fence Bill will be signed. But even if not, that’s no reason to not vote in November. According to Captain Ed, the Presiden’t support for this is secure.

Congress has not formally sent the bill to the President. That means the clock has not started for his signature. The 10-day period starts only after Congress formally prints and delivers the bill for the President to sign into law.

Why has Congress waited? The Secure Fence Act, which requires that the border barrier be constructed, is a very high priority for Republican leadership in both chambers. They and the White House want to schedule the signing for what they see as the maximum impact to the midterm elections. This means waiting for other stories to fall off the front pages. My source told me that the terrorist detention and interrogation bill will be signed on October 17th, and they want this to come after that.

Michelle Malkin resists the “I told you so’s” and states, “This one item won’t be a reason for sitting out the election.” She also rightfully stands firm that there are still many problems with the GOP’s immigration strategy.

Is the GOP frustrating us? Yes. Border issues (catch-and-release), over-spending, the ports, and maybe the war in Iraq.

Why give control to a group that is already off their rocker just because the GOP is failing on one issue? Besides, this one issue has only come to the front since around the first of the year. Put the right people back in office then tell them what we want done.

Additionally, Democrats are milking the Foley scandal for everything its worth because they know they can’t win the argument on real issues that matter.

Jay Stephenson reminds us:

Don’t think the left will be sitting on the sidelines. While the right becomes divided and talk about sitting home, the “non-partisan” ACLU are running political ads in dozens of states urging people to vote for candidates that adhere to the ACLU’s view of “American values”.

Wonder what the ACLU’s “view” of American values is.

How can we wage the War on Terror when liberals are waging an arguably equally strong war against freedom and conservatism here at home? Liberals are like teenagers and conservatives arel like parents. The teens make us nervous every time they open their mouths, they blame everything on parents, they want us to be “fair”, they want us pay for everything, and they think they know everything.

But thankfully, parents know best.

There is not an excuse to sit home or vote Democrat to “teach the Republicans a lesson.” Do that, and you’ll be the one with the lesson.

And here is what that lesson will look like: Nancy Pelosi will be speaker of the House, the impeachment of Bush will come to the forefront, surrender in Iraq pushed, the NSA program under further jeapordy, tax cuts repealed, terrorists and illegal aliens to gain even more rights, and originalist judges to be blocked. And those are just some major issues.

Let’s not throw in the towel. Be responsible. Be a citizen. Vote. And vote conservative.

Allah is ready to vote a straight Dem ticket. I know he’s kidding.
Wizbang will be voting and understands why.

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