Barry Lynn is Feeling the Heat

11 10 2006

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Otherwise, why else would he need to write a new book called, “Piety & Politics”?

He appeared on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night and vomited his “separation sludge” all over Bill’s nice show.

YouTube is not cooperating with me here. If video is not visible, click here.

First, Mr. O’Reilly asked him how many politicians were there that could be defined as Religious Rightists. After mentioning his glory-child and flagship target, Judge Roy Moore, he then turned to Sen. John Cornyn (wiki search here) and compared some of his actions to Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson.

Later, Mr. O’Reilly asked Mr. Lynn about Christians becoming vocal about homosexual marriages. The reasoning behind these liberals astounds me. When I heard the question from Mr. O’Reilly, I knew what Mr. Lynn’s answer would be before he uttered his humanist response:

“Two men marrying doesn’t hurt my marriage and shouldn’t hurt anyone else’s marriage.”

I’ve said this before several times on my blog and in a post I did at The Wide Awakes:

“A wrong does not require harm to any person in order for that person to speak out against it.”

Folks, it’s really that simple. And while Christians need to reach out in love to homosexuals, we must also defend what the Bible teaches by not allowing homosexual marriage activists to turn a moral issue into a political issue. It is beyond the court’s realm of authority to redefine a statute or to confer a new right where none previously existed.

Christians defending marriage from homosexuals does not constitute as hate, as many liberals claim. Hate would be a deliberate effort to make someone feel pain. But when Christians reveal the Truth that is in God’s Word, that too, inflicts pain. Only that pain is the ache of the huge void in a heart to be filled only by Jesus Christ.

And the fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce is not a reason to promote another evil either. It only means that many people are getting divorced for the wrong reasons. Promoting another act that the Bible clearly condemns doesn’t solve the problem.

From Mr. Lynn’s website, I find some of his book reviews interesting:

“The rise of the Religious Right as a political force has placed the separation of church and state at grave risk. Perhaps never before in American history has a liberty so important been so imperiled.” – Kate Michelman (Former president, NARAL Pro-Choice America)

Good. It’s about time someone else started feelin’ some heat!

“Piety & Politics is written by a member of the clergy who is also a prominent civil libertarian. Relying on common sense, as well as his expertise, Barry Lynn convincingly makes the essential point that mixing religion and government does not benefit religion. His sense of humor in detailing his decades-long engagement in the ‘culture wars’ makes for a terrifically engaging book.” – Nadine Strossen
(President, American Civil Liberties Union)

An probable stab at Bill O’Reilly’s newly released book, “Culture Warrior”. And Nadine, what planet have you been operating the ACLU from to say, with a straight face, that mixing religion and government does not benefit religion? You have no choice in the matter and neither does Mr. Lynn. It’s already been mixed over 200 years ago when the Founder wrote the Constitution.

“An ordained minister now heading an organization aimed at protecting the separation between church and state, Lynn brings passion and a broad perspective to the national debate swirling around this issue…. Lynn examines school prayer, gay rights, the teaching of intelligent design, and faith-based initiatives as leading issues in the current turmoil between concerns about American morality and secular government…. Whatever readers’ religious or political beliefs, they will appreciate Lynn’s well-considered examination of this contentious issue.” – Vanessa Bush (Booklist Review)

I’m sure they will, Vanessa. Which is why I, like Bill, recommend the book. Only I recommend the book for reasons more like Gen. George Patton – studying the enemy.




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