Leakers Starting to Surface

20 10 2006

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Bloggers are coming alive with news that hurts Democrats. But we’re not sure which part is worse for them:

– the possibility that one of their own may have leaked classified info about the war to damage President Bush or . . .

– the suspension of an unnamed Dem staffer over concerns that he/she may have leaked National Intelligence Estimate summary findings to the NYTimes last month.

Either way, Dem’s are outraged:

Democrats say the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee had no grounds to suspend a staff member who’s come under scrutiny for the leak of a secret intelligence assessment.

The unidentified staff member, a Democrat, was suspended this week by Chairman Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., and is being denied access to classified information pending the outcome of a review, Hoekstra’s spokesman, Jamal Ware, said Thursday.

The Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Jane Harman of California, wrote to Hoekstra that she was “appalled” by his action, which was “without basis.”

… In her letter, Harman demanded that Hoekstra “immediately reinstate the staffer’s access to classified information.”

A conference call to the committee’s nine Democrats on Wednesday to inform them of the aide’s suspension prompted outrage, said two congressional officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about internal committee business.

Allah says, “Score.” And has the video of Michelle Malkin covering the story after the leak broke.

Michelle Malkin has Harman’s comments back in April in a debate with Rep. Hoekstra on Fox News Sunday regarding intelligence leaks.

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