Harold Ford Jr. – "Deja Gore"

21 10 2006

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What is it about Tennessee and losing, Democrat politicians?

Remember Al Gore’s whining and ranting during the Presidential debates in 2000? Well guess what Harold Ford Jr. did yesterday? An unhinged Ford showed up, uninvited, to a Bob Corker news conference, crashing the event and angrily confronting his opponent. The video is a must see:

I lived near Chattanooga, Tennessee for ten years during the time Bob Corker was Mayor of Chattanooga. He is a class act and to be commended for keeping his cool and keeping Mr. Ford’s attacks in line.

This is a desperate move by a candidate who is reaching the end of the line. Memphis TV devoted nearly 5 minutes to the story at the top of the newscast last night, in what some are calling a campaign-ending mistake on Ford’s part.

The best part is this:

FORD: “I know you’re here to talk about my family. I thought you made a promise…”

CORKER: “No, I’m here to talk about you.”

Chickenhawk Express has local news coverage:

Rep Harold Ford Jr pulled an unbelievable stunt while his opponent, Bob Corker, was holding a Press Conference.

Harold Ford Jr. showed up uninvited at a campaign event for rival Republican Bob Corker at a private charter airstrip in Memphis this morning. Corker had scheduled the media event earlier this week.

News reporters were surprised when Ford’s tour bus pulled up at the event and, apparently staff at Wilson Air were surprised as well, as they tried to steer media inside the property for the Corker news conference.

Related: Read why, libertarian, Glenn Reynolds voted for Corker.

Bethany takes a look at Corker vs. Ford.

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