Snipe This, CNN

24 10 2006

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She said it first. I am just repeating it. Michelle Malkin’s not in a good mood and her O’Reilly visit Monday night was swift and bold.

I am not in the mood to hear about how CNN is justified in broadcasting “great footage” of American soldiers getting picked off by Iraqi snipers because it’s “great footage.”

I am not in the mood to hear about how dealing with terrorists and serving as terrorist public relations officers is the only way for the American media to get “access” to the region and to awaken the American public to the horrors of war.

I am not in the mood to hear about how it’s only natural for “international media outlets” like CNN to put their allegiances to global citizenry and the almighty dollar over journalistic ethics.

I’m with Rep. Duncan Hunter, whose video clip challenging CNN earlier today is must-see.

Now I want to turn my anger into something productive. I am asking you to combat CNN’s glorification of Iraqi jihadist snipers by supporting American snipers. Seems like the only time American snipers earn CNN and other international media organization’s attention is when they make mistakes and can be tarred as reckless killers.

Wizbang wonders if this will become the norm for CNN. (formerly Adopt a Sniper) collects items to support our troops. You can read letters from the front here.

Donate here.


That’s good. Conservatives need to get ticked sometimes. Especially on vital issues like national safety and the War on Terror. CNN has chosen it’s side. But I, and most Americans choose the side of the American sniper.

Today’s Vent details CNN’s defacing – when Michelle was in a better mood šŸ™‚

Wake up America trackbacked with: Good News From Iraq Part #2




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