Typical Liberal Tactic: Turning Disease into Political Issue

24 10 2006

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In typical liberal form, Michael J. Fox has taken his disease and turned it into a political issue. This is also know as exploitation.

Whatever you wish to call it, this liberal idea and must be exposed. Rush, Hannity, and the blogosphere are all over it.

Drudge reports this ad response To Michael J. Fox running in Missouri tomorrow night; stars Jim Caviezel of ‘The Passion of Christ’ and Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan, who pitches Game 4 of World Series on Wednesday.

Doug Edelman of the Conservative Voice urges Missourians to not be fooled:

The Amendment guarantees funding and provides protection from regulation for embryonic stem-cell research. It offers a blank check to biotech firms engaged in such research as the amendment denies the state the right to limit, restrict or deny state funding to anyone involved in embryonic stem cell research!

Where do these embryos come from? Cloning. Human cloning.

Proponents of the amendment deceptively claim that the process is not cloning, and that the amendment prohibits cloning a human being. They eagerly highlight language which “forbids human reproductive cloning.

This is patently false and deceptive. The language of the amendment specifies a prohibition on reproductive cloning… the cloning of a human embryo intended to implant in a womb and develop into a birthed person. Great. But it also requires state funding for the creation of human embryos which then legally MUST be destroyed. This is certainly fodder for an ethical debate which the deceptive language is designed to defuse or minimize.

Is Parkinson’s disease unfortunate? Yes. Should we intentionally sacrifice people to help those with a disease? No. Not when the research can be done with out killing the embryo.

Hot Air: Talent surges ahead of McCaskill?

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