A Postmodern View of Politics

3 11 2006

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In response my post, Christian Voters Know Better, my good friend from college days Pete, has written about his political positions.

To be honest, politics really bore me! I try to follow the issues, but I am tired of it always coming down to the same thing:

– He is pro-choice
– He is for gay marriage
– They don’t care about the poor
– They don’t care about the family

I am even more disgusted with being told that no self-respecting Christian would vote for the democrats. Maybe I just hate conformity, but stances like that really make me want to see Hillary for President. Do these people really think that the Republican party is any more Christian? Probably not, the only thing that most Christian voters care about is abortion (as if that is going to change any time soon), gay marriage and getting a tax cut. Instead, most Christians just carry their uninformed butts into the voting booths and vote straight down the party line (talk about self-respecting!).

Pete, voting one way or another is not conformity. No matter what percentage of people vote Republican or Democrat, everyone “conforms” to one or the other. Conformity implies a tendency to submit to others in thought and behavior other than simply clothing choice. If you oppose or support issues and there is a candidate that meets most or all of your stances, you vote for him. That’s uniting under a cause, not conformity.

I can’t understand why you would want Hillary to be President other than to speed the rise of Hell on earth.

The Republican party is certainly not perfect. But for the most part, their views line up more with what Christians believe. Here’s the kicker: often it is needed to vote Republican to avoid a Democrat majority. Oh, let those who have ears to hear, hear!

An expectation for Justices Roberts and Alito to waltz into the Supreme Court and announce that Roe v. Wade is now overturned is a bit unrealistic. Getting them there was step one. We have a long road, but now that step one is done, we can continue.

Here’s the quick list of where I stand on some issues:

Abortion – against as a form of birth control (yes, I left that open-ended)
Immigration – tag ’em and put ’em to work (just kidding!); open-but-protected borders
Taxes – keep cutting until spending is cut in Washington
Homosexuals – let them get married; God will honor that union about as much as He honors the hundreds of hetero-weddings that take place every day in Vegas. Gays should have whatever rights necessary to take care of their loved ones.
Education – Vouchers for private schools; pay teachers more; harsh penalties for drop-outs and low grade averages
Health Care – take care of your own family; don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.
Welfare – take it out of the hands of the government and empower non-profit organizations to meet these needs
Gun Control – is this even an issue any longer? against…
Drug Legalization – maybe “decriminalization,” but I don’t want to see new “Herb” shops popping up in my town. We don’t need to become Amsterdam.
Minimum Wage – raising it would hurt the economy and the poor.

Realistically, how do you legislate abortion as a “form of birth control.” Can you see how many loopholes. Why not overturn it since it’s not in the Constitution at all, and then each state can decide if it wants to legalize baby killing. Secondly, I am beginning to believe the Ten Commandments did not stand the test of time.

God spoke against homosexuality in the Bible, but he did not forbid Vegas marriages.

Against … gun control? Or against guns?

How about the death penalty? Or the War on Terror? Christians have a right as all citizens from being subjected to murderers and terrorists that want to kill us.

I am always disappointed when anyone is bored with politics. When so much is at stake, you don’t have the luxury to be bored. It is each citizens’ responsibility to be informed and involved. With blogs, and other media, it’s quite easy compared to past generations. It’s equally important that Christians vote to defend the country from being overtaken like Germany was by Hitler.

Sometimes, voting Republican can make the difference between keeping our right to have church and not. If you vote something else to avoid feelings of conformity, we may very well be persecuted by liberals in our own country or killed by terrorists.




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