Death for Saddam

5 11 2006

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Saddam gets death! Should come as no surprise, but we can all exhale now with all the problems his trial produced.

Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death.

The former dictator will be hanged, the court in Baghdad’s Green Zone complex ruled.

Saddam was convicted of ordering the deaths of 148 Shia men and teenage boys in the town of Dujail in 1982.

But the biggest joke was Ramsey Clark. As the judge called him a mockery, which he is, Iraqis roared with laughter!

On a side note, if Ramsey Clark were any kind of a man, he would take the noose right alongside Saddam as a show of protest and solidarity. But since he’s not, he’ll probably take a six-figure book deal instead, chronicling his beautiful time in Saddam’s garden.

Also coming as no surprise, the UN criticizes Saddam Hussein’s death penalty.

The UN on Sunday criticized the decision to sentence Saddam Hussein to death, calling upon local authorities to refuse the to hang the ex-leader.

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