Soldiers against White Flag

6 11 2006

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Democrats may not call it “Cut ‘n Run”, though that is what it is. No, they have their forever-present politically correct terms like “Phased Redeployment” or “Event Horizon” but the troops on the ground even recognize how dangerous a pull-out would be:

For the U.S. troops fighting in Iraq, the war is alternately violent and hopeful, sometimes very hot and sometimes very cold. It is dusty and muddy, calm and chaotic, deafeningly loud and eerily quiet.

The one thing the war is not, however, is finished, dozens of soldiers across the country said in interviews. And leaving Iraq now would have devastating consequences, they said.

With a potentially historic U.S. midterm election on Tuesday and the war in Iraq a major issue at the polls, many soldiers said the United States should not abandon its effort here. Such a move, enlisted soldiers and officers said, would set Iraq on a path to civil war, give new life to the insurgency and create the possibility of a failed state after nearly four years of fighting to implant democracy.

“Take us out of that vacuum — and it’s on the edge now — and boom, it would become a free-for-all,” said Lt. Col. Mark Suich, who commands the 1st Squadron, 89th Cavalry Regiment just south of Baghdad. “It would be a raw contention for power. That would be the bloodiest piece of this war.”

The soldiers declined to discuss the political jousting back home, but they expressed support for the Bush administration’s approach to the war, which they described as sticking with a tumultuous situation to give Iraq a chance to stand on its own.

One New Jersey officer recently returned to Iraq for the first time since 2003 and tells the Post that Iraq had made real progress. A self-proclaimed liberal, he said, “Pulling out now would be as bad or worse than going forward with no changes,” and predicted an end to democratic self-government almost immediately.

Captain Ed outlines other potential effects of a Cut ‘n Run:

The mission has had its failures, but it has had tremendous successes as well. If the US turns its back on the Iraqis now, Somalia will pale into insignificance in comparison to the disaster, both militarily and strategically, we will have brought upon ourselves. Native populations will never — never — trust us to stand by and protect them after risking everything to assist us. Tyrants and terrorists will laugh at our threats, knowing they can outlast us, especially if they can create enough propaganda to distract American voters.

If the soldiers that are on the frontlines are saying we need to stay, this obviously indicates significant and un-reported progress. Otherwise, I’m certain they would want to come home if they saw few positive results.

This notion of “failure in Iraq” is absurd. Keep in mind that this is a war. Bad things happen, but the idea is to achieve goals, which we are doing, despite the setbacks. A war without setbacks is not a war. Setbacks are a part of everyday life for everyone. Democrats need to learn to work with the rest of America as we seek to finish the final stages in Iraq and decrease the threat of terrorism throughout the world.

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