Election Day Activities!

7 11 2006

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UPDATED – 10:30 pm – Election results. Scroll for links and updates.

In my conference today, but will be checking in throughout the day and updating.

My predictions:

GOP lose 1 seat in the Senate
GOP lose 18 seats in the House.

One last election day question: Why are Democrats touting “change” as their main attribute if elected?

Of course they would change things. You don’t see the GOP bragging about staying the same. Things will change if the GOP retains a majority too. Change and “a new direction” are not good enough for undecided voters. Democrats need ideas – and we haven’t seen any.

What are your predictions?

UPDATED – 10:30 pm:

NZ Bear has a great blogger election tracker.
Hot Air Vent
Michelle Malkin is live blogging in NYC
Wizbang (House)
Wizbang (Senate)
Wizbang (predictions)
La Shawn Barber is live blogging

Allen hanging on. Don’t ever say, “What difference will my vote make?”
Steele doesn’t concede. Don’t forget about the more than 200,000 absentee votes.
House flips. Ok, Nancy. We’ll see how your change is better. Pelosi served as leader of socialist-leaning Progressive Caucus

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