American Heroes

10 11 2006

Filed under: Veterans Day, Soldiers, War, Freedom, Conservatism

Since liberals think America’s soldiers are not smart and not part of the elitist group, they won’t be honoring America’s heroes today on Veteran’s Day.

Not to worry. Conservatives will show you appreciation and honor.

Michelle Malkin:

Looking for inspiration? Yesterday, I found it at a special Veteran’s Day gathering of surviving WWII Doolittle Raiders in Washington, D.C. Five of the famed Raiders participated in a ceremony honoring members of the USS Hornet Crew. We interviewed them about the daring raid, their memories of Jimmy Doolittle, and their thoughts on America at war today.

Lt Col Dick Cole, Gen. Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot on Plane 1 of the Doolittle Raid crew, answered succinctly:

“We’re at war. We ought to get on a war footing and get the job done.”

Hot Air has the video.
Wizbang has a letter to honor the Marine Corp birthday.
La Shawn Barber: “The few, the proud…yeah, I love a man in uniform.”
Blue Star Chronicles has an excellent history on this day.

La Shawn Barber’s Corner trackbacked with: U.S. Marine Corps Celebrates Birthday
Blue Star Chronicles trackbacked with: Carnival of Blue Stars #20




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