Liberal Homosexuals Erupt in Anger

10 11 2006

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Christian business owners of a landscaping company in Houston called Garden Guy, is under attack from homosexuals for refusing to do work for a gay couple.

Michael Lord, who is building a house in the Heights with his partner, told me he had found the company through an Internet search. He liked the “before and after” photos on the company Web site. He said he didn’t notice, at the bottom of one of the pages, under a photo of the Farbers and their four children, this:

“The God-ordained institution of marriage is under attack in courts across the nation, and your help is needed. “Go to: to take action.”

After a brief phone conversation with Mr. Lord, Sabrina Farber, co-owner of Garden Guy, sent an email politely declining the bid opportunity because the couple is gay.

Mr. Lord forwarded the message to his partner, Gary Lackey, with a one-word message: “WOW.” Lackey then sent the message to a list of friends, some of whom forwarded it to their friends.

Meanwhile, a forum on the Farbers’ Web site, was heating up:

“I am embarrassed for you and your husband,” wrote “Chris.” “Just as you choose not to do business with us, I, my friends, my family, my co-workers and everyone I meet, will not do business with you! I have sent your e-mail to over 50 people I know and work with. These people know 50 others each … was your bigotry worth it?”

Many of the postings indicated they would boycott the Garden Guy. Some challenged the Farbers’ version of Christianity. I found one that was critical of the angry correspondents.

A few posts were crude. Perhaps that’s why the Farbers removed the “forum” feature from their site. When I last checked, there were more than 60 messages viewed by more than 4,000 visitors.

Some of the posts attacked the Farber’s children, threatening to sodomize them.

The Houston Chronicle author concludes with this obnoxious remark:

They might, however, consider climbing up one more rung on the moral ladder. They should refuse to do business with all sinners.

That seems like a good “gotcha” statement but not if you actually look at what they did. Everyone sinning is common knowledge. But what the author ignores is that Christians ask God to forgive their sins and as long as they make an effort to not sin anymore, He does forgive.

But intentionally living in blatent sin is seen differently by God. God specifically forbids homosexuality. Intentionally participating in it leaves one to the mercy of God. He may or may not forgive you. No man knows for certain. We only know the Bible speaks against it.

I am glad the author does not refute the fact that homosexuality is a sin, he just totally misses the boat with his jab.

This blog seems to be written as a “buyer beware” posting, but from the comments there, it seems to be just an extenstion of the liberal attacks of the Farbers.

1.) I wonder what that policy is intended to accomplish. Did they hope Michael would weigh his options, and decide it was easier to straighten out than to forego their valuable sod? And what do they think would happen if they did do work for a homosexual? “D*mn, that wiley butt pirate tricked us into installing a decorative boulder. Now we’re one step closer to the end of marriage!”

Nice to see the level of principles that we stand for is extending so far.

2.) I’ve got a sneaking suspicion these folks are in for one “Hell” of a surprise when their time on this Earth is over. If Jesus ran a landscaping company, He would love all of His customers. I’m pretty sure that’s what kind of guy He was.

Here’s another one of my crackpot theories: When God commands us not to take His name in vain, what He really means is “don’t do bad things and and say it was My idea”. So when you use Christianity as an excuse for being a bigoted a**hole, you’re really pissing off the big guy upstairs. Enjoy eternal hellfire, chumps.

Who is this person? A 2,000 year old man who has lived since Jesus did and knows something about his would-be business practices? Newsflash: when God told us not to take his name in vain, that is precisely what He meant. Do you know what the Bible says to those who try to “add to” or “take away” from it’s authority? Doubt it.

3.) This guy hasn’t the business sense to be successful. I don’t understand hating anyone so much you don’t want to take their money. You’d think they’d overcharge people they don’t like. But then, I don’t understand bigots at all.

Hatred. Bigot. Homophobe. These seem to be on auto-attack against anyone who simply takes a stand for their belief. Hate is better exemplified by Jihadists. But Christians do not hate. We hate the sin, but love the sinner. The best way for the Farber’s to love these sinnners is to not do business with them. Maybe they’ll invite them over for coffee after this dies down. Who knows how they’ll love them. We just know they do.

La Shawn Barber makes a great parallel:

If pharmacists can refuse to dispense abortion pills because of religious convictions, why can’t landscaping Christians refuse to landscape on the same grounds? (No pun intended!)





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