A Comparison of Nazi Germany and Radical Islam

15 11 2006

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UPDATED 11/16: Today’s Vent looks at Democrats and CAIR. Scroll for updates.

Welcome readers from the Northeast Intelligence Network.

In the wake of the recent elections, politicians, media, and bloggers threw comparisons of both Nazi Germany and President Bush to radical Islam. I will dispel any comparison of Bush to radical Islam and demonstrate 1.) that Nazi Germany is the much better comparison, and 2.) Democrats are headed down that road.

We are at war. But not by our choosing. We were attacked on our home soil. The threat of jihad cannot be minimized because we have not seen an attack since 9/11. The documentary, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, paints a sobering portrait of the threat Islamofacists pose to the United States and the free world. It details the upbringing of children being brainwashed to hate the United States. Why? Because we stand in the way of an Islam-dominated world, just like we stood in the way of a Nazi-dominated world.

This time around, we can’t afford be Neville Chamberlain. As many will recall, Chamberlain was the British prime minister who thought he could avoid war with Germany by “exercising diplomacy” with Adolph Hitler. This dilusion led to Chamberlain’s now-famous treaty-waving after their 1938 meeting guaranteeing “peace in our time.”

What Chamberlain didn’t understand is what his successor, Winston Churchill, had known for years: You can’t negotiate with terrorists whose goal is to wipe you off the face of earth in order to dominate the world with his beliefs. Bush, unlike Democrats, also understands this fact. Calling Bush a Nazi because we went to war to defend ourselves is like calling Superman an evil man for defending the world agains Luther. It’s absurd and non-sensical.

On the other hand, there are two similarties between Nazi Germany and radical Islam that stand out.

The first is indoctrinating the younger generation. Be it the Hitler Youth or those brainwashed Arab children screaming jihad, Kill America chants. Obsession‘s director, Wayne Kopping, found a fascinating website that brags about how, “with Allah’s grace”, Islamofacists have raised “an idealogical generation that loves death as much as our enemies love life.” How have they done that? That brings us to the second similarity.

Secondly, is the shrewd, unceasing use of propaganda. Radical Islamists use music videos like the Iranian one that offers a techno beat and images of injured Muslim children mixed with the messag that “America is lurking for you and will not give up until it destroys you completely. Rise up soon because the world is not safe from the hunter.”

Sometimes it is from textbooks like the one used in schools in Jordan and Palestine that state simply, “This religion will destroy all other religions throught the Islamic jihad fighters.”

The state-run media is also used to pump a steady diet of this message into every home caterwauling about how it is the duty of all good Muslims to obliterate the great Satans of the West, in particular, Americans and Jews.

So, not to worry. There are no Neville Chamberlain’s today. Ah, therein lies the problem. Today, America is infected with many Neville Chamberlain’s. They are comprised of those that are paid from CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, Hollywood, and the left side of the Congressional aisle.

These terrorist-lovers blame 9/11 on Bush and his policies saying it’s America’s own fault we were attacked. Obsession makes this point by showing headline after headline, post 9/11, wondering “Why do they hate us?”

This is one sad difference between radical Islam and Nazi Germany. Headlines in the late 1930s and ’40s did not blame America because EVERYONE, even the media and movie stars, knew that Hitler was a maniacal dictator hell-bent on flushing the world away in order to usher in Nazism. Period.

Any American with half a brain and an ounce of a heart will come to the same conclusion about Islamofacists who are more than willing to kill themselves and their own children in the name of a hate-fueled holy war. Alfons Heck, a former Hitler Youth Commander, said, “If you can’t learn from the events of Nazi Germany, you will not be able to grasp the danger of the radical Muslim world. You are simply hiding.” Liberals, sticking your head in the sand will only work for a very short time.

The main difference between Nazi Germany and radical Islam is the religious element. This disturbing extremity has eroded the crediblity of Christianity and other religions in efforts to achieve goals in the name of ___ (fill in the name of any G(g)od). We must be able to distinguish between the tenets of a religion and an ideology.

Radical Islam is obviously an ideology. Obsession closes with a voice of a political historian who notes, quite simply, “There is no evil, that I am aware of, that has simply disappeared of its own accord.” For that reason, I am constantly amazed at the Democrats ability to spin their ideas for the the War on Terror. Ask one if we should cut ‘n run and they say no. Then ask if we should stay until the job is done and they say no. What then?

– “It’s not really a war, it’s a “situation.”
– “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.”
– “There were no WMD’s in Iraq.”
– “…”

All obvious signs of another Neville Chamerlain. If enough Neville’s get in power, we will throw out our Churchill. Hearing statements like these is a perfect case for the purposeful eradication of global Islam because true Americans are not willing to sacrifice freedom for power, ideologies, or world approval.

UPDATED 11/16: Today’s Vent looks at Democrats and CAIR.

Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge to put a sudden end to profiling of Muslims under the banner of civil liberties. Unfortunately, we did not win WWII without everyone temporarily forfeiting some civil liberties in order to fight the war.

Today is no different. I’d rather temporarily give up some some liberties so me and my family can enjoy them in the future. Liberals could care less. They gladly give up freedom if it means they can retain their positions of power. This is called “slave mentality” and it is the heartbeat of a liberal. The basic concept is that slave owners put one slave leader in charge of the others. He was the slave. The others were prisoners. If they spoke of escape, the slave leader threatened them. Slave owners found they needed little security for keeping slaves from running. They only needed to appoint a slave leader.

Democrats will do anything, legal or not, ethical or not, sane or not, to keep voters from voting conservative. They, like the slave owners, would rather have power than freedom. And they would
sacrifice whatever is necessary to keep it. They don’t want freedom. If they did, they’d be willing to temporarily give up some liberties in order to win.




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