Rangel and Democrat Rule

20 11 2006

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I am in meetings today, but have a few minutes to post on the blogosphere fun with Rep. Charlie Rangel and his idea to introduce legislation to bring back the draft. Stay tuned, more to come.

Michelle Malkin has a funny photoshop.

Rangel’s proposal will go where it has gone every other time he has proposed it: Nowhere.

It’s a fitting symbol of what Democrat rule in Congress will be the next two years: A worthless, cynical expenditure of time and energy that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Jay Stephenson:

The GOP called their bluff last time by bringing it up for vote where Rangel voted against it and it failed 402-2. I don’t think there is much of a threat to worry about on this.

Captain Ed:

If one wants to see the difference between Republicans and Democrats, this gives a clear example. Rangel wants to solve a social ill that really doesn’t exist, caused by too much choice, and use the government to eliminate all of the options available to Americans. Republicans have used a market approach to define the choices available and built the mightiest armed force in the world, by making sure the people who enter want to be there. We can expect to see this same template for health-care “reform”, entitlement “reform”, and a number of other “reforms” that the Democrats will now pursue.

Hot Air has video.
Wizbang asks if anyone has buyer’s remorse yet?




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