Dhimmi Deserved It

4 12 2006

Filed under: Jimmy Carter, C-Span, Liberalism

Yes, Mr. Carter, thank you for making me a Republican—because of your incompetence in handling the Iranians and…your cozying up with every dictator, thug, Islamic terrorist there is. And more importantly, I find it to be vile because of [untelligible] (sounds like “your blackest heart”). Because you’re an anti-Semite. And let me explain why I think you’re a bigot and a racist and an anti-Semite…

The caller then is interrupted by the host who says the name calling is enough. Carter, with a goofy grin, of course rejects the charges and goes into an excuse-making rant. Carter went on C-SPAN’s BookTV to discuss his new book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” when, about 55 minutes into the program, this call came from Illinois.

How very amusing this is. Already made my week.

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