Fight. So We Can Negotiate?

6 12 2006

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Huh? Exactly how liberals want to honor the death of those who sacrificed everything. Our brave soldiers are over there fighting to keep the “F” in VFW, while liberals think we are oil digging or fabricating new terrorists . . . so we need to talk with them.

If all the leaks from the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations are accurate, then they are an insult to all our brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.

Here is a portion of Rick Moran‘s post, writing in advance of the release today.

Today is the day that the Iraq Study Group will deliver its not so secret recommendations on how we can best pull out of Iraq without leaving behind a bloody mess, regional chaos, increased Iranian influence, and a helpless, toothless, Iraqi government dominated by theocrats and thugs.

This is our new battle cry; “We must mitigate defeat!”

Stirring, isn’t it? Not quite the ring that “Remember the Alamo” has but then, this is the 21st century and such patriotic and emotional displays are frowned upon by the blue blooded “wise men” of the ISG who have labored long and hard to produce this recipe for American retreat.

You will excuse me if I believe that talking to Syria while it is in the process of gobbling up its tiny Lebanese neighbor to be one of the most cynical, immoral, and ill-considered diplomatic ideas in a generation – which of course is right up Baker’s alley. He is a specialist at sacrificing others for the greater good; just ask the Iraqi Kurds.

And talking to the fanatical true believers in Iran (Ahmadinejad purged the foreign service last year, replacing experienced hands with ideological purists) about helping with security in Iraq is like inviting the wolf in for a drink and having Little Red Riding Hood give him a lap dance; the temptation to insinuate themselves even more into Iraqi affairs just might be too much to resist.

I don’t know if there is a way to “victory” in Iraq. Clearly the rest of the world has already made up its mind (not to mention the American media) that we have lost so that no matter what we do in Iraq, how we leave it, what we accomplish from here on out, the onus of defeat will accompany our withdrawal.

Is the ISG simply acknowledging this fact? Or are they encouraging it? Both, probably. But in the end, it comes down to doing the best we can to bring some kind of definitive denouement to our Iraqi adventure.

Seems like it may have the same ripple effect of the 9/11 Commission, which did more harm than good. The only reason liberals and the media are demanding a “re-deployment” is not because we are losing in Iraq – which we aren’t. It’s because they can’t stand George W. Bush. If Gore or Kerry took any action against terrorists after 9/11 (probably would have been a random missle firing) they’d be applauded and hailed as the greatest president of our day.

The “losing” argument is nothing more than spin that liberals hope the American people will buy and with the help of the media, is working. This is evidenced by the last election. If more Americans knew the truth about Iraq, they would have voted to keep Republicans in office. Instead they voted for conservatives running on Democrat tickets since liberal Democrats had no chance of winning because they are so out of touch with mainstream America.

Now, we have a freedom-loving President and liberals are incapable of getting behind him, even though they disagree, and supporting the troops. You cannot support the troops and be against the war. If you support the troops, you must support what they do. No spin can get you around that.

Wizbang: “The only acceptable outcome is total victory.”
Michelle Malkin has other predictions.
Hot Air: “Deus ex machina.”
Jay Stephenson: “In the end, no matter what direction we take, it will be blamed on Bush. If he gives in to the recommendations of “mitigating defeat” he will deserve the blame.”

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