Kerry Going Stag at Party

29 12 2006

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Update: TPM was wrong, but no apology. Too bad.

This little picture is getting some blogger love and rightfully so.


Michelle Malkin has answers questions about the validity of the photo – it’s real and he’s alone.

TPM Muckraker suggests the photo is a year old based on the image data date and suggests the photo was taken when Kerry was in England. I think they’re wrong. As many readers note, lots of camera users neglect to change the date settings on their equipment and EXIF data can be easily manipulated.

Talked to Scott Hennen by phone. He vouches for the authenticity of the photo and while protecting the identity of his source, he told me it was a reliable source who works for someone high up in Iraq and was there during Kerry’s visit.

Basically it comes down to this:

If you believe the disputed Kerry photo was taken in England in January 2006, then you must also believe that: (a) Kerry wore the same shirt in England as he did in Iraq 11 months later; (b) the U.K mess hall had Christmas decorations hanging from its ceiling two weeks after Christmas Day, (c) those decorations were identical to those hung 11 months later in the American Embassy in Baghdad, and (d) the U.K. mess hall has the same lights as the American Embassy in Baghdad.

Highly doubtful. Michelle’s first post here.

Captain Ed:

It’s apparent that no one took much interest in the visiting Senator, who swears that he doesn’t think our fighting men and women are uneducated and/or lazy. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of photo ops from Kerry’s visit.

If Kerry’s staff were smart, they’d just admit it was from his Christmas trip and add the following caption: “Sen. Kerry excuses himself from the presence of soldiers in Iraq to prepare a speech. Here, he looks with passion at the morons who couldn’t make a better career so they picked the military.”




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