Korrupt Kofi Exits U.N. & other U.N. News

1 01 2007

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As “Korrupt” Kofi Annan exits the U.N., you would think he would have some better answers to several glaring areas of “business” that still remain a bit”shady”:

First is the fate of the two Israeli soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, captured at the Lebanese border last July, remain under Hezbollah arrest.

Despite a commitment for their release under the terms of an Israeli-Hezbollah cease-fire brokered by the UN Security Council last September, the fate of the two conscripts remains unknown. During his last news conference on December 19, outgoing UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan insisted he was “still working” for the Israelis’ release.

A mystery “facilitator” was to return to region soon, explained Annan. When asked for an “update” last week on the UN’s effort to effectuate the soldiers’ release, Annan spokesman Stephane Dujarric had a simple “no comment.”

Still working on it? A mystery facilitator? Basically, NO! Nothing ever was done or will be done. Why not? Because Annan could care less:

Where will Annan be as his final days wind down and the Israelis remain in captivity? In NYC celebrating the new year, say UN sources.

Party on, Kofi. It’s not your life. On another “touchy” subject …

Whatever happened to the Oil for Food investigation? More than $2 billion is directly missing from the UN program and an estimated $20 billion disappeared from associated activities.

How much actually was recovered? $20 million.

The UN’s response:

The records of a two-year, $35 million investigation are available for review by any member state.

Apparently, the UN will wash its hands of any direct responsibility. Another hit at US taxpayers, who will foot more than 25 percent of the embezzlement.

Dirt under the rug. Out of site, out of mind. Not surprising from the humanist leader of a humanist-leaning, liberal organization. Liberal Americans whining about us borrowing money to fund the war always seem to forget that other countries are in debted to us thanks to the U.N. And let’s not get started on the world’s debt to America for saving everyone else in WWII.

Meanwhile, as the Annan era fades into history, the beginning of the Ban Ki-moon administration seems to be a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Though the former South Korean foreign minister has had more than three months to decide on key appointments, none have been made to date. He assumes office January 1 and will serve a five-year term.

Among the slots not yet filled, is his most important, that of deputy secretary-general. Other key positions that remain open are: the under-secretary’s general for political affairs and peacekeeping affairs, as well as his press spokesman.

The peacekeeping affairs office, a critical operation, is responsible for more than 100,000 UN “blue helmet” troops around the world. A post that had been held by French nationals, word at the UN is that the Bush White House is pushing for an American to be appointed.

As to who may be appointed is in the truest sense of the term, a guessing game.
There is no Ban “short list” known of for any of the UN’s key posts. “Now you know why we call him (Ban) a slippery eel,” remarked one South Korean reporter.

Looks like there’s no telling with the South Korean, but I don’t think the French will have as much influence on him as they had with Korrupt Kofi.

And in other U.N. news:

Former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani warned Western countries Sunday that their strategy of pressuring Iran to roll back its nuclear program by imposing sanctions will backfire.

He described the U.N. resolution to impose sanctions on Iran as dangerous, saying that although it was amended “it still has 15 dangerous and ominous points.” He did not elaborate.

If Iran refuses to comply, the council warned it would adopt further nonmilitary sanctions, but the resolution emphasized the importance of diplomacy in seeking guarantees “that Iran’s nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes.”

15 dangerous points? Umm, they’re not dangerous unless you are hiding something.

I love the way the U.N. is completely incapable of learning from past mistakes. Korrupt Kofi spent 10 years imposing sanctions on Saddam, never acting on any concequence of deviation, and effectively allowed Saddam to purge, hide, separate, destroy, or use nearly all of his WMD’s.

Now, Iran is announcing they would like to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and destroy America, but the U.N. thinks emphasizing diplomacy is the best route to go. Iran is abusing the U.N. just like a spoiled teenager does his absent parents. He acts good around them, but once behind closed doors, he is rebellious.

This says it all of the U.N.:


There is a time for diplomacy and a time for violence. This is NOT the time for diplomacy. But by the time they figure that out, unecessary blood may have been spilled.




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