UC Santa Cruz Cancels Job Fair Over Safety Issue

11 01 2007

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Last April, the moonbats at UC Santa Cruz caused a little stir when they got a little violent while protesting a job fair that included military recruiters.

The university planned another this month, but cancelled it due to the inability to guarantee the saftey of military recruiters.

The Career Fair originally scheduled for January 31, 2007, is being postponed. The primary reason is to ensure the safety of all students, staff and invited guests.

In other words, that’s the political correct way to say it. Here comes the truth:

Our campus has a strong tradition of supporting free speech, the right to demonstrate peacefully, and fundamental respect for the opinions of others. However, during the last two years, nearly every quarter has included events in which a few individuals chose to push their protests beyond civility and safety, challenging our Principles of Community and disrupting events to the detriment of others in the campus community.

The campus takes seriously its responsibility to protect the safety of the entire campus community, and we will continue our policy of using law enforcement to deal with all actions that threaten public safety. Thus, it is prudent that we engage in continued campus discussions and debate on how to best respond to events that exceed the limits of civil discourse.

It’s sad that it took you two years to figure out you have a large number of rowdy America-haters attending your university.

We will reschedule the career fair and articulate clear parameters, expected behavior, and appropriate campus response for this and future events. We assure both our students and potential employers of our continuing intention to provide career services to our student community and to ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Additionally, Career Services will continue to provide a wide range of other services to support students around their career needs.

But I don’t see any gurantee of disciplinary action should some peacnik, America-hater decide to push the limits again.

And how ironic is it that the U.S. military needs protection. Just arm them . . . with a taser gun or tear gas. Or a pellet gun.

A little history: Michelle Malkin was all over this last April when the news broke. The student-led group that organized the protest was S.A.W. (Students Against War). This is from S.A.W.’s website:

SANTA CRUZ, CA – It’s been over a year and a half since the military has been able to effectively recruit on this UC campus as all their attempts have been met by mass student actions. Today, in spite of the pouring rain and administrative attempts to stifle students’ free speech, Students Against War (SAW) organized over 150 students to march from the center of campus to the job fair, where they nonviolently prevented access to military recruiters through sit-ins and other measures. After about an hour and a half of negotiations and students’ refusal to back down, military recruiters left the job fair.

Their website has since been updated (now boasts a new logo and tagline, “A credible threat to militarism”)

Last year, I was able to find contact information for the three moonbat leaders which I published on my post as did Michelle Malkin.

CONTACT: Students Against War’s ad-hoc press team:

Sam Aranke – 714-458-2471 – saranke@ucsc.edu
David Zlutnick – 805-698-6228 – dzlutnic@ucsc.edu
Janine Carmona – 707-496-3530 – jgcarmon@ucsc.edu

SAW later removed the contact information from its press release and lied about the fact that it made the info publicly available on the Internet. I left it up, as did Michelle Malkin. Michelle received quite a bit of heat for it. The west coast wacko’s harassed Malkin (WARNING – not for the weak-hearted) at home and work and threatened her with violence and vulgar language.

All because we thought the punks at UC Santa Cruz who ran our military recruiters off their campus should be held accountable. Riiight. Makes sense.

Now, UC Santa Cruz has caved under pressure because they couldn’t enforce university rules last year and they have dug themselves into a deeper hole. When will these university leaders understand what a little discipline can do?

Hot Air:

They don’t explicitly say it’s because of the recruiters, but rest assured — it’s because of the recruiters.




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