The Pied Piper President

17 01 2007

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The savior. The annointed one. The messiah. Maybe, maybe not. What he really is the Pied Piper Presidential candidate. Today, Sen. Barak Obama Hussein announced his formation of a presidential exploratory committee.

Allahpundit: Exit question: why didn’t he wait until tomorrow, when he’s on Oprah, to announce? Second exit question: what god did he please to get Al Sharpton acting pissy towards him?”

Wizbang: “He is peaking too soon, and in time, his lack of executive experience will begin to show itself. I’m interested to see how the Clintons will handle the competition for Democrat front runner status.”

Stop The ACLU would rather recognize immigration guru, Tom Tancredo, who announced his bid for the Republican party’s presidential candidacy.

Michelle Malkin: “The anointed one announces.”

Hillary’s lack of government experience is bad enough, if you can call it that, but Obama’s brief stint in the Senate is nearly unheard of.

That Won’t. Stop. Liberals. From jumping at the opportunity to vote for him-or Hillary. Anybody, including Pee Wee Herman is better than Bush.

What so many liberals don’t see is if he wins, yes a Dem will be president, but is the really the best candidate from their party? He’ll continue to use his charm and charisma in his favor. The question at the end of the day will be how many liberals will follow the Pied Piper?

The Amboy Times trackbacked with: Tom Tancredo is Running




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